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Au Revoir et Bienvenue – Announcement

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

The Team at St. Barth Properties USA is changing a bit

Kathy Schlitzer

I have some news for you. After 16 years with St. Barth Properties USA, Kathy Schlitzer, one of our St. Barth Villa and Hotel Specialists, has decided to retire on April 28, 2017. Kathy has been an asset to the company and a real team player. Her clients adore her. Leading up to this decision she had bought a place in Fort Myers, Florida where she could escape the chilly, snowy winter weather in the northeast, bought a little spring/summer place by the water in Rhode Island and told me that she is looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren when she is up north. She will continue to pursue her many interests.

Kathy would like us all to know, “It’s been over 16 years since I first spoke to Peg about joining the St. Barth Properties team. Over those years, I’ve worked with so many wonderful clients and travel agents, couples, families, groups of friends, many returning annually or coming for special occasions. It’s been a great ride and I’ll miss my clients and my colleagues in our US and island offices very much. My decision to retire was a hard one, but I’d like to spend more time with family and friends – and of course traveling – my one true passion. My replacement, Allegra, has the knowledge and experience to take good care of my clients so I leave you all in good hands.” The staff at both of our St. Barth Properties offices, as well as her loyal clientele, will miss Kathy and we wish her well in her retirement.


Allegra Pawlowski

We are pleased to announce that Allegra Pawlowski joined the St. Barth Properties USA team as a St. Barth Villa and a Hotel Specialist on March 02, 2017. Allegra comes to us with a wealth of experience in the villa rental industry and a love for St. Barth. It is her favorite destination! – No surprise there – In her own words, “I have worked in almost every aspect of the villa rental business on the island. I have generated villa rental reservations, performed villa inspections, worked at the airport as a greeter, escorted clients to the villa, helped suggest restaurants, activities, sights and beaches, interfaced with hiccups along the way making successful resolutions and returned guests to the point of departure.” A perfect fit, if you ask me. You may contact Allegra at

Kathy is working closely with Allegra and is introducing her to her clientele. The entire team in the US office is also assisting Allegra in transitioning to our company and its emphasis on you and the service we provide you because you are our top priority. The St. Barth Properties-St Barth team has been working closely with her from the get-go as well as when she is on the island to do her inspections in May.

Au Revoir, Kathy

Bienvenue, Allegra

Our New Harbor Front Office Opens – Meet the Staff

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Introducing our new St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s international Realty harbor front office and our St. Barth Properties on-island villa rental team and real estate sales teams

We have expanded our offices! Over the summer, we purchased and totally renovated what used to be the Piment Vert linen boutique across the courtyard from our present office. We now have an office for our villa rental clients and owners, and a second office to greet our real estate buyers and sellers. So many people fall in love with St. Barth for its uniqueness and realize that they want to purchase property here. It is indeed a sound investment. Our rental and sales volume has increased so exponentially that we needed to buy a second office.

Our first real estate clients visit our new office on opening day to consult with St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s International Realty realtor, Pascale Minarro-Baudouin

Our team has changed a bit, too. I am pleased to introduce them to you. After many, many years, Ted and Mai left the island to pursue new careers. Anne-laure Amy and Aurélie Janvier have very competently taken over their positons in the rental office and are pleased to assist you during your entire stay.

St. Barth Properties rental team, Pascale Minarro-Baudouin, Aurelie Janvier, Benoit Meesemaecker, Anne-laure Amy, Peg Walsh, Magda Borne

Our sales team has increased as well. In addition to our manager Benoit Meesemaeker, who also manages the rental office, realtor Pascale Minarro Baudouin, real estate assistant Nadine Rolland and newly hired real estate sales consultant Melissa Appandoo round out the team in the St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s International Realty new real estate office.

St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s International Realty real estate sales team, Melissa Appadoo, Pascale Minarro-Baudouin, Peg Walsh, Benoit Meesemaecker, Nadine Rolland

Please do stop by both offices to say Bonjour. We would love to see you!

The entire St. Barth Properties-St. Barth team wishes you a healthy and happy 2017!

The Truth About St. Barth

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Its actual location is clearly defined

After 27 years of being in St. Barth, I learned that what we thought was a fact is actually a factoid! Now, convincing people of this newly discovered information is going to be a huge challenge because people won’t believe me. I am hoping that you can help spread the word.

It started out this way: Last week we took an island tour with Hélène Brenier, the owner of St. Barth Easy Time Tours. Our clients have raved about the various tours that she offers and I wanted to experience one for myself. Hélène was born in St. Barth and knows her island well. She is also the founder of St. Barth Essentiel a non-profit organization dedicated to “protect that which creates diversity, the originality, the beauty and the harmony of St. Barthélemy.” In other words, she is the “watch dog” whose main interest is protecting our precious island and preserving the environment.

Connie, Peg and Hélène in front of the St. Barth Essentiel office on the top of Gustavia

Connie, Peg and Hélène in front of the St. Barth Essentiel office on the top of Gustavia

We began our around-the-island tour by going to Saline and stopping at the salt pond where we learned about the island’s history of making salt. It was a difficult job but it brought in some income. The salt production stopped in 1972 when the island decided to rely on tourism as its major industry. We heard lots of tidbits about the people who settled here as we continued our tour. Most of the men had to go to St. Thomas to make a living. One such gentleman went home to see his wife once a year and as a result they produced 23 children! Phew! We saw the little “case” (house) where they were born and lived. Today, the siblings range from 50 to 90 years old.

Saline Beach

Saline Beach

Back to the point of my blog. We stopped at the top on Grand Fond to admire the view. There is a lookout spot with a large map detailing the area. Soon after this map was put up, an old-time local fisherman telephoned Hélène to tell her that the map was wrong. The artist had called the body of water on this map the Atlantic Ocean. The fisherman said that St. Barth is surrounded entirely by the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic is much further to the east of here and that the map needed to be corrected. What??? I was always told that the wave action that connects Grand Cul de Sac Lagoon and Marigot Bay is caused by the fact that this is the very spot where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Hélène thought so too. Everyone thinks this factoid is true.

The Lookout at Grand Fond

The Lookout at Grand Fond

A Close Up of the Lookout's Map with the Incorrect Information

A Close Up of the Lookout’s Map with the Incorrect Information

Hélène researched and researched but each person she consulted insisted that the fisherman was wrong. Finally she decided to ask for assistance from a geologist who is a real authority on the subject. He reported that, indeed, the islands in the Lesser Antilles (which includes St. Barth) are solely in the Caribbean Sea. “According to the definition of the IHO (International Hydrographic Organization), the only islands that officially have Caribbean and Atlantic coasts are: Cuba, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico and Trinidad.” He went on to say, “In conclusion, officially, the island of St. Barthélemy is not washed by the Atlantic Ocean but by the Caribbean Sea only. Custom, says otherwise.” I was thrilled to learn this new fact. I always knew that some islands such as the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos claim that they are in the Caribbean but they are too far north and are actually in the Atlantic Ocean but for some reason no one seemed to know that St. Barth is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Until now, that is…

Grand Cul de Sac View

Grand Cul de Sac View

A few days after our island tour, I had a site inspection at the Hotel Guanahani & Spa. I was admiring one of their newly refurbished suites and when I went out onto the suite’s deck to admire the view, the staff member who was escorting me pointed to that very spot in the lagoon and said, “That is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.” …Not! When I corrected her, she was not at all impressed and looked at me as if I had lost my marbles. That factoid has been circulating for so many years that it is a real challenge to convince people otherwise. Hélène and I now know this new fact is true and now you know it too. Spread the word, s’il vous plaît.

Hotel Guanahani & Spa

Hotel Guanahani & Spa

P.S. Once you have selected your accommodation in St. Barth by contacting one of our Specialists at, our concierges can arrange an island tour with Hélène. It is a must do!

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

I am not sure how many of you remember the late 80’s when St Barth Properties was born. After falling in love with St Barth in 1986, it was a natural progression. All I needed was a telephone and a fax machine and some magazine and newspaper advertising to get the word out.

Peg and Steve Walsh

Peg and Steve's first trip to SBH in March 1986

Twenty-two years later I have progressed from working out of my daughter’s recently vacated bedroom/cum office where I answered the phone, faxed documents and sent out villa photos with a self addressed stamped envelope hoping for their return, answering a forwarded phone at my husband’s dental office (which I was managing at the time) to eventually printing a color catalogue with villa photos and embracing the computerized era and dominance of the Worldwide Web as a way to communicate (thanks to my son and VP Tom Smyth).

Now, I have been told that blogging is a further progression of what I need to do in this cyber-space day and age. I love to talk about St. Barth as it is my passion and blogging is like talking, so why not? My trademark Live Your Dream ® says it all.

My blogs will be mostly geared to St. Barth and all that is going on there. My husband, Steve and I live on the island six months a year and the rest of the year I travel back and forth from our home on Cape Cod usually with staff members who are doing site inspections of our villas and hotels and going to restaurants (both new and long-standing). I do love to travel however, so I may on occasion be blogging from elsewhere.

This blog is a work in progress, so if any of you have suggestions as to what topics you would like to see discussed, please let me know.