2019 St. Barth Gourmet Festival

Mark Your Calendars!

Bring your Foodie Friends to St. Barth and Enjoy the 2019 St. Barth Gourmet Festival


The St. Barth 2019 St. Barth Gourmet Festival is taking place November 06-10, 2019, with celebrity French chefs preparing delicacies for you, at different venues. You can dine in St. Barth, which is renowned for its fabulous restaurants, while having a delectable experience as if you are sitting at a table in France. Some of the chefs come from a starred Michelin restaurant.  A Michelin star is the most coveted award which any chef aspires to achieve. Although a Michelin star is awarded to the restaurant, the credit for it goes to the chef in charge of the kitchen. Other chefs are Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (translation: one of the best craftsmen in France), better known by the acronym MOF. It is considered by French chefs to be one of the uppermost — if not the uppermost — honor, too.

Sponsored by the St. Barthélemy Tourism Committee, it states, “The St Barth Gourmet Festival is counted as one of the major events in the world of culinary excellence and one of the best gourmet festivals on an international scale. As in past years, each chef creates a special multiple-course menu for the four dinners during the Festival, allowing residents and guests on the island to discover various styles of cuisine and signature dishes.”

Celebrity Chefs:


Guest chef of Hotel Christopher St Barth

The patron chef of the 2019 Festival is ARNAUD FAYE, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), and two-star chef at Château de la Chèvre d’Or in Eze.  He will be joined by seven chefs, glittering stars in the galaxy of French cuisine, each of which will be working at an island restaurant during the Festival.


MOF – One-star chef at Terre Blanche in Cote d’Azur.
Guest chef of L’Esprit Jean-Claude Dufour


Chef 1* des Etangs de Corot, Ville d’Avray
Guest chef of Tamarin


One-star chef at Burgundy in Paris.
Guest chef of Le Sereno Hotel


One-star chef at Royal Evian à Evian.
Guest chef of Le Toiny Hotel


MOF – Two-star chef at Chabichou in Courchevel.
Guest chef of Hotel Manapany


MOF – One-star chef at Royal Champagne à Champagne.
Guest chef of Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa


Chef at Dersou & Cheval d’Or in Paris.
Guest chef of Nikki Beach

Diners can choose either a 4-course menu at 95 euros per person or an 8-course menu at 130 euros per person. The best part? We are pleased to announce that several villas in our St. Barth Properties collection are including one complimentary 8-course 130-euro menu for each and every guest staying for at least 7 nights in that villa!  Note: Beverages are not included and all guests in the group must dine in the same restaurant and on the same evening.

Participating villas:

VILLA RIVE GAUCHEBOOKED – 2 bedrooms – Gustavia

VILLA STAR – 3 bedrooms – Camaruche (*3)

VILLA ANGELINA– 4 bedrooms – Gustavia (*3)

VILLA WINGS– 2 bedrooms – St. Jean (*2)

VILLA DESIRADE– 4 bedrooms – St. Jean (*2)

VILLA OCEAN’S 5– 4 bedrooms – Flamands (*2)

VILLA AVENSTAR– 5 bedrooms – Camaruche (*4)

VILLA ZEN NIRVANA– 3 bedrooms – Lurin (*3)

VILLA DANSE DU SOLEIL– 3 bedrooms – Devé (*3)

VILLA DANSE DES ETOILES– 5 bedrooms – Pt. Milou (*3)

VILLA DUNES– 6 bedrooms – Saline (*6)

VILLA CASA DEL MAR– 6 bedrooms – Petit Cul de Sac (*4)

* Minimum bedroom occupancy may be required as indicated above (i.e. *2 indicates a two bedroom minimum occupancy is required)

Don’t miss out on this gourmand event! The festival will be rounded out with other culinary activities and competitions – and fun!

If you wish to stay in one of our villas (whether they are participating or not) or prefer to stay in one of the participating hotels, please email reservations@stbarth.com.

I hope to see you there!

Sunny regards,


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6 Responses to “2019 St. Barth Gourmet Festival”

  1. Mary Jane Greenfield says:

    What an exciting event for the island! As these talented chefs prepare an exquisite menu, will there be a vegetarian option? If so, my husband and I would like to book dinner at the Barthélemy Hotel on Thursday, November 7.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Best wishes,
    Mary Jane & Lyle Greenfield

    • admin says:

      Dear Mary Jane,

      Thank you for your question. Can you please let me know in what villa or hotel you are staying? I double-checked with the venues. The menus do not have vegetarian options. However, we can make a special request for you and your husband and the chef will create a vegetarian menu for you. Do you want the 4 course or the 8 course dinner and at what time would you like the reservation, and for how many people?
      Sunny regards,
      Peg Walsh

  2. […] If you have been waiting for the various menus at the venues hosting the Gourmet Festival November 06-10, 2019, your wait is over! Please see the updated version in my Gourmet Festival Blog. […]

  3. Diwakar says:

    My wife and I would like to attend the gourmet festival but are vegetarian. Is there any venue that could do a vegetarian tasting as part of the festival? We do not eat meat or seafood but are ok with dairy and eggs. We are available on the 6th or 7th.

    • admin says:

      Dear Diwaker,

      The chef can prepare a vegetarian meal for you. We would be pleased to make a reservation for you and your wife. Which of our villas or hotels are you staying? Where do you want to dine and on which day and at what time do you want the reservation? All the best and bon appétit! Meg

      • Diwakar says:

        Hi Meg,
        We are staying at Villa Lé SAB (Jean Aubin’s villa) in St. Jean. Would you still be able to help with the reservation?
        We are available for dinner on either Nov 6 or 7th and we are flexible on time. Our preference would be Hotel Christopher but we are flexible depending on which chef can make a vegetarian menu.
        Thank you!

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