What Can Teenagers Do During Family Vacations in St Barth? (Part Five)

Day 6

The Birthday!!

Today Reegan turned sweet 16!

What does that mean? In St. Barth, it means she is old enough to operate a Jet Ski! Magda had arranged for the girls to take a Jet Ski tour around the island on Reegan’s birthday. We took them to Grand Cul de Sac where Ouanalao Dive has their Dive Center booth (by O’Corail restaurant). The company also rents Jet Skis. Reegan and Andrea signed the forms, were fitted with their life jackets and went down to the water to get on their jet skis. The instructor gave a demonstration on how they work, had them get familiar with the mechanics and off they went.


Getting Ready for a New Adventure

Off They Go


Jet Skiing around St. Barth as seen from our terrace

An hour and a half later they were back! I couldn’t believe that they could go all the way around St. Barth in that short a period of time. They must have been speed demons! Is there a speed limit in the Caribbean Sea?

That evening I gave Reegan her present and we headed out to celebrate her birthday at Nikki Beach. This very “in spot” with beds on the beach no less, had a cabaret of their own that was performing that evening so we chose to surprise Reegan and treat her to a special night as not only was it her birthday, it was also the girls’ last night in St. Barth.

Mimi, Reegan (with her new birthday skirt) and GrandDoc

Mimi, Reegan (with her new birthday skirt) and GrandDoc


Andrea gives Reegan her Birthday Present

We had a great table overlooking both the beach and the stage. The food was delicious. The show was fun and a bit risqué…very French but not at all offensive. The audience was able to join in at the end and everyone jumped on stage to dance.


The 16th Birthday at Nikki Beach


Bed on the Beach at Nikki Beach

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


Dancing After the Show at Nikki Beach

Day 7

All good things must come to an end and the next morning we sadly brought Reegan and Andrea back to airport to begin their journey home to Massachusetts. I had booked them on Tradewind Aviation so that they could fly directly to San Juan where they were able to connect to their Jet Blue Flight back to Boston. Surprise, surprise they were able to fly in Tradewind’s ultra luxurious Pilatus both ways. What a treat!

Time to Say Goodbye

Time to Say Goodbye


Departure Day on Tradewind's Pilatus


Au Revoir

We had a great week and it was wonderful to watch Reegan blossom into an independent young lady in such a short period of time. She has already decided that she loves everything about the French, wants to return again and again (as we all do) and I am sure she will be speaking French fluently in the not too distant future. À bientôt, Reegan.

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  1. this is a fantastic piece on family travel and teenagers!

    i wanted to contact you to say we met the lovely ted deltour while visiting st. barths in mid may. we plan to come back again next year 5/7-5/13 and need a 4-5 bedroom villa. i can contact you about that another time.

    i also wanted to let you know i wrote about your company in my travel blog. take a look – http://wp.me/p1nHXJ-aY

    • admin says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks so much for you comment. I really do have a passion for St. Barth and judging from your blog (which is great, by the way) you have caught the bug, too. Glad to know that you met Ted who is part of our great on-island team. I will be more than happy to assist you in your villa search when you are ready to go back and I hope I will be able to meet you when you are there.

      I am happily going back to St. Barth on Sunday to do some hotel site and villa inspections and gather information for the articles we will be writing for our next Live Your Dream® catalogue that will be published and available on St. Barts the first of November.

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