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St. Barth News Flash – More Updates

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

Flamands Beach

Great news for Flamands Beach lovers, the public entrance mid-beach has finally reopened! If you are staying at one of our nearby villas in Flamands, you can finally access the beach without having to go down to the far-end entrance!

The public access to mid-Flamands Beach is finally open.

Beach view of the public access to mid-Flamands Beach

Make yourself comfortable for a day at the beach, walk over to the 5-star Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France for a cocktail or lunch, or both! The hotel will reopen November 26, 2019, after having completed the renovation of the former Taïwana hotel. Their new restaurant, La Cabane, is on that side of the beach. To quote the hotel, “La Cabane is the perfect setting for a relaxed meal with stunning views of Flamands Bay, a few steps away from the sea This lovely beach restaurant proposes a gourmet and authentic menu combining classics and novelties such as raw and cooked artichoke salads with parmesan shavings, the Flamands burger or the Caesar Salad by chef Jean Imbert. La Cabane is open daily for Lunch from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. La Case De L’Isle restaurant that is in the main building is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bon Apétit!

The St. Barth Gourmet Festival

If you have been waiting for the various menus at the venues hosting the Gourmet Festival November 06-10, 2019, your wait is over! Please see the updated version in my Gourmet Festival Blog.

St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s International Realty-New on-island staff!

I am very pleased to welcome new staff to St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s International Realty. I am sure you will enjoy meeting them and working with them to ensure your St. Barth vacation is as wonderful as ever.

Anaïs Brethome

Anaïs Brethome comes from L’Herbergement, a little village near Nantes, and then moved to Nantes, where she used to be a Fashion designer of teenage girls ready-to-wear and had contacts in India and China. She fell in love with St. Barth and decided to move here. When asked why she chose to work at our agency, she said, ‘The most interesting for me is the privileged relationship with guests and the high quality of services offered by St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s International Realty. So, I am sincerely glad to be part of your Team!”. Anaïs loves fashion, cats, traveling, and spending some time with her family and friends. She said, “To finish. I like eating chocolate for sure.”

Alizée Barberis

Alizée Barberis was born in lovely Annecy in France and traveled all around the world. She used to be a make-up artist and boutique manager in France, Switzerland, and St. Barth. She said, “ I decided to invest myself in St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s International Realty because I am thrilled to make our guests discover this incredible Caribbean paradise.” Alizée loves animals and people and likes to interact and create new friendships. She went on to say, “During my free time, I read, write (poems and novels) and draw a lot to express my overrunning emotions. My favorite beach is Colombier to do some snorkeling and of course, party with my friends at Bagatelle!”

Please stop by our offices to say Bonjour and check out our chic new look!

We hope you like our new professional attire! Laura, Alizée, Anaïs, Anne-Laure, and Nadine

What’s new on St. Barth? Some recent openings for you to try.

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Winter in St. Barth passed by so quickly. The weather was perfect, the island was hopping and the ambience as wonderful as ever. I am fortunate to be able to spend so much time here and thought I should share some of the new things that I have recently discovered on St. Barth.

Barts Food Lounge is located on the cobblestone street in Gustavia and has a new concept for the off-season. They converted the Victoire boutique into a lovely lounge area with a fully stocked bar and a cute little room with board games for you to play.

Barts Food Lounge has a room with board games.

The indoor seating at Barts Food Lounge is perfect for casual evenings.

The evening menu is strictly limited to a variety of delicious risotto dishes delectably created by chef Angelique Schnepp.

The Barts Food Lounge team – Lyes, chef Angélique Schnepp and Laurent

One small portion of the risotto with chicken and curry at 10 euros was so enjoyable and enough for me. My husband ordered two small portions, the black risotto with scallops and squid (12 euros) followed by a second risotto with shrimp. He loved them both. If you choose to order the large portion, the prices range from 20 to 24 euros. For lunch, they offer salads, a wrap, pasta and a burger. If you are lucky enough to be going to St. Barth in the off-season, you will be glad that you tried it. Closed on Sundays.

Risotto LE FERMIER RISOTTO CRÈMEUX D’ASPERGES ET VOLAILLE FERMIÈRE EMULSION CURRY (Risotto with asparagus, chicken and curry foam) Barts Food Lounge


Connie Walsh and her husband Mike came down to see us so that Connie could do some inspections with me and try out new places. (We are both Walshes but not related). We had a site inspection at the 5-Star Manapany hotel in Anse des Cayes. The hotel is part of the B Signature Hotels and Resorts collection and was just awarded the Eco – Resort of The Year by the 2019 Hotel & Lodge Business & Meetings Awards committee.

The Manapany is an Eco resort and grows its own fruits and vegetables.

The hotel produces its own water and only electric cars are used to get around the 4.2- acre property. No chemicals are used in cleaning and maintenance, only steam and natural products. All hotel towels are made from bamboo, with only natural fibers. The 43 suites are casually designed. Some sit directly on the beach, while others are located up many stairways along the hillside and feature sea views.

A Beachside Suite at the Manapany.

La Boutique, Atelier de Couture, owned by designers Cedric Vernon Fahey and Rodolphe Ayer offers a custom-made collection beautifully hand painted materials. No need to be a hotel guest, just go for your fitting shortly after you arrive in St. Barth and it will be ready for you before your departure.

The Atlelier de Coutre boutique at the Manapany offers custom-made clothing.

Yoga anyone? The hotel offers morning yoga sessions on a quiet deck overlooking the water every day. The spa, with its adult-only pool, is nearby.

Following our site inspection at the Manapany, our husbands joined Connie and me for a toes in the sand delicious lunch.

lil’ Rock Beach Club sits directly on St. Jean Beach and opened just time for the 2019 Bucket, too. Located several feet away from Pearl Beach restaurant and bar, they have tables under palm trees as well as a few tables under a roof and further away from the beach, but they give the best shade.

The St. Jean Beachfront restaurant lil’ Rock Beach Club features umbrellaed tables in the sand and a wonderful view of the sea.

We usually go to St. Jean beach because of the breeze. On Saturdays and Sundays, the beach bar/restaurants are extremely busy, and the entertainment can be quite loud, so we decided to try li” Rock on a Monday. They offer valet parking, but you can also park at the public lot and walk up the beach or the sidewalk. When we walked in, one of my favorite singers, Soley was there and singing softly – how refreshing! The menu is varied, and they offer Tapas from 3:30 to 5:30. So far, they are only open for lunch.

Repeat visitors to St. Barth know that there aren’t many stores that sell liquor. There are plenty of wine stores (it’s a French island, after all), but most do not carry much liquor, if any. I wondered what was being built on an empty lot that is on the upper road that leads out of Gustavia. More boutiques? No, it’s Zagury’s, a liquor store and then some. Owned by the American Store on the block below, it just opened, so we went in to investigate.

Zagury’s storefront in Gustavia

Do you like to entertain at home or enjoy cocktails and munchies before heading out to dinner? Just stop by Zagury’s and choose your libation, wine and/or Champagne. It is a nice addition to the St. Barth scene.

Pick up delectables at Zagury’s

Try the olive bar and other delicacies at Zagury’s.

In addition to liquor, Zagurys’ has a wonderful selection of Champagne.

I’ll have some other interesting news in my next blog.

What’s New on the St. Barth Shopping Scene

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

New Shops and New Locations in Sophisticated St. Barth

I finally made it back to my most favorite place in the world. I am so lucky to be based here now until after the cold winter turns into late spring. Each time I come back to St. Barth, I exhale. Then I resume my inspections and investigate what’s changed in paradise. I love to share it with you.

Here is a sampling:

The butcher shop in St. Jean was sold to Pati de St Barth. Pati is known for her trademarked clothing and accessories branded as ST BARTH FRENCH WEST INDIES. She has a shop in Gustavia as well as a new art gallery in her former Villa Creole boutique. The best part? There is plenty or parking in front of her new shop, reserved exclusively for her customers.

 PATI ST BARTH FRENCH WEST INDIES has new digs in the former La Boucherie space

Pati ST BARTH FRENCH WEST INDIES has new digs in the former La Boucherie space

PATI's new shop in St. Jean is well stocked

Pati’s new shop in St. Jean is well stocked

Pati may on occasion host an event on the front deck

Pati may on occasion host an event on the front deck

We often went to La Boucherie to shop for the occasional evening when we wanted to cook-in. I was happy to learn that the shop is still open. It is now located in Vitet on the right-hand side, just before the turn to Pointe Milou. It’s about a 2-minute drive for us now! La Boucherie offers fresh fish, too, a nice addition! Of course, if Vitet is not convenient for you, try the Boucherie Ché Yo in St. Jean located in Les Mangliers behind the gas station and near the post office. We love shopping there, too.

La Boucherie is easy to find in Vitet

La Boucherie is easy to find in Vitet

La Boucherie has fresh meat as well as fish

La Boucherie has fresh meat as well as fish

La Boucherie has convenient hours so you don't have to miss your beach time

La Boucherie has convenient hours so you don’t have to miss your beach time

For those of you who are returning guests, I am pleased to tell you that after many years of annoying construction on rue de la République at the entrance to Gustavia, the new building is finally finished! New boutiques Prada and Dolce & Gabbana are open, just in time for The Season.

Dolce & Gabbana is a new addition to the St. Barth boutique scene

Dolce & Gabbana is a new addition to the St. Barth boutique scene

Prada's new St. Barth boutique is right next door to Dolce & Gabbana

Prada’s new St. Barth boutique is right next door to Dolce & Gabbana

A few other boutiques have moved to new locations. Diamond Genesis, the jewelry store, is now on the main drag as you enter the harbor. Longchamp is right next to it.

Diamond Genesis and Longchamp have moved to Rue de la Republique across from the ferry dock

Diamond Genesis and Longchamp have moved to rue de la Republique across from the ferry dock

I’ll be blogging about more new stuff; there is lots more to tell you. In the meantime, shop ‘til you drop!

Some News on What’s Happening/Changing at Our St. Barth Office

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

When you return to St. Barth, you will notice a few changes. Two of our long-time staff members at our on-island office finished their contracts on April 30 and left paradise to pursue their dreams.

Many of you know that French born citizen Ted Deltour, who has been with St. Barth Properties-St. Barth since January 11, 2003, began creating jewelry using Tahitian pearls strung on leather and launched his business, Les Trésors de St. Barth several years ago. Lucky for us, he didn’t quit his day job but he spent his off-hours designing and creating pieces for individuals including our staff in both offices. Each piece is unique and gorgeous. His business has grown as has his passion for being a jewelry designer …so much so that he applied and was accepted to the prestigious École de Joaillerie de Montréal in Montreal, Canada. He is eagerly awaiting the start of his classes, although not so eagerly the Canadian winters.

Mai Vu thi Nu has been with us since February 06, 2008. Mai, a native of Belgium, was born to travel. Each summer she has taken a few months off to travel the world and in the course of doing so, she developed a passion for yoga. She began teaching hatha yoga on St. Barth and now wants to live her dream by traveling around the world to learn more as well as train more and more on the different types of yoga as well as massage therapy. Mai’s immediate plans are to spend two and a half months in South America, then one month in Europe, followed by three months India beginning in September and then on to Asia.

Au revoir, Ted and Mai

Au revoir, Ted and Mai

We are very pleased to announce that Anne Laure Amy joined our island team on April 01, 2016. Anne Laure comes from Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, so coming to St. Barth is a natural place to want to live. She graduated from the Vatel Institute of Lyon with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. Anne Laure, said, “I’ve always loved hosting, organizing meals and traveling. I’ve traveled a bit alone and with my family to the USA, Canada, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Thailand, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium. Greece and Brazil are two of my favorite countries.” She also loves dancing, music and the cinema, Anne Laure is here to give you, our loyal client, the best service possible. “Working at St. Barth Properties is the opportunity I have been waiting to have for a long time and I am glad to be part of the company because I am passionate about this Island, villas rentals and I am very service-oriented.”

Bienvenue Anne-Laure!

Bienvenue Anne-Laure!

We honored Ted and Mai at our last weekly cocktail party of the season with a toast and a gift. Ted received a luggage case for his jewelry and Mai received a piece of luggage for backpacking.

Farewell Cocktail Party at Bagatelle April 27, 2016

Farewell Cocktail Party at Bagatelle April 27, 2016