Bonjour, Pearl Beach Hotel

Au revoir, Tom Beach Hotel and La Plage restaurant
Bonjour, Pearl Beach Hotel – Saint Barth and Pearl Beach restaurant

That’s right. One day, the sign read Tom Beach Hotel, and the next day, it read Pearl Beach Hotel.

The Tom Beach Hotel is now known as Pearl Beach Hotel.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Kim came down here to visit us with one of her girlfriends, Heidi, sans husbands, for 8 fun filled days.

No St. Barth vacation is complete without stopping at Le Select for a Cheeseburger in Paradise and an ice cold beer. Kim (L) and Heidi loved it!

Almost every weekend, we go to our usual spot on St. Jean Beach. The breezes are nice, the water is beautiful and there is always activity to observe. I have watched the rejuvenation of hotel Tom Beach and its restaurant over many months. From dragging in new palm trees in early December, to setting up a makeshift beach bar in time for the Christmas holidays, the crew worked long and hard to reopen its hotel as well as its restaurant.

We were sitting on St. Jean Beach with Kim and Heidi on Saturday, March 24, 2018, the day the plywood walls came down and the new restaurant opened. Curiosity took the better of us, so we walked over there to inquire. One of the waitstaff told me that the restaurant was open for hotel guests only that day and the next, because they wanted to have a soft opening before opening it to the public on Monday. The new beach bar was not off-limits, however, so we decided to order drinks and take it all in. We were lucky that we did, because the word had spread all over the island, and it seems as if the entire population of St. Barth was there on Sunday. So much for being open for hotel guests only. It was a huge deal for islanders to see yet another place recover, and recover well, I might say. People wanted to join the celebration of the rebirth of another of Hurricane Irma’s victims. The beach parking lot was full and people partied until the sun went down.

The beachside bar at Pearl Beach has swing-like bar seats on one side.

The bartenders at Pearl Beach mix up great cockails and are super friendly (cute too).

I asked the bartender if it the bar’s name was still the Pink Parrot and he said, “No, those days are over.” I noticed that the entire staff wore shirts displaying a round palm tree logo printed on the back and learned that the owner also has a Pearl Beach restaurant in St. Tropez that uses the same logo.

Pearl Beach Logo

A few days later, I met with the hotel manager and then made a reservation for lunch. Entering by the hotel’s front door, we walked by the rooms where I saw a new courtyard with a few small tables and chairs, and a reinvented swimming pool with waterfalls that created a relaxing ambience.

The new pool at Pearl Beach Hotel has a waterfall and is for guests only.

A new staircase led down to the restaurant. It was 1:30 p.m. and busy. Our beachfront table for two was in a perfect spot to watch the beach activity as well as the fashion show, with two beautiful women modeling beachy outfits from a Gustavia boutique. We shared the shrimp tempura; both of us ordered the mahi-mahi burger with homemade fries and shared a yummy crème brulée for dessert. We really enjoyed it. The restaurant is spacious, and there is a second main bar for restaurant patrons.

Pearl Beach restaurant is open for your beachside lunch.

The restaurant bar at Pearl Beach

If you would like to reserve rooms at Pearl Beach Hotel, please contact New photos will be up soon. You can make restaurant reservations with our concierge, Julia Hurd before you travel, or with our on-island concierge, Aurélie Janvier, once you have arrived. Pearl Beach restaurant is currently open for lunch, but they hope to open for dinner a few nights a week and offer a beach BBQ on Sunday evenings. Bikini Saturday, with pink flamingos and a DJ, still exists and is great fun. Not to worry, we will send you a restaurant reservation form before you leave home.

Pearl Beach Hotel has beachside service, too. You can rent chairs and an umbrella for 20 euros ona first- come- first-served basis.

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4 Responses to “Bonjour, Pearl Beach Hotel”

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Peg, I am so glad I found your blog. Lots of helpful information! 4 of us are coming to St. Barths May 1 – 8. 3 years ago was the last time there for me.

    Can you tell me — is Santa Fe Restaurant in Lurin open? I cannot tell from the other online sources I have found.

    Thanks a million!


    • admin says:

      Hi Jim,

      Unfortunately, the Santa Fe has not reopened. I do see work going on there, however, but it looks as if it may take a while.I miss it terribly. I hope you subscribe to my blog. As soon as I have news, I will be writing about it. Enjoy your time in St. Barth.

      Sunny regards,


  2. Karen Gotcher says:

    So glad to have found your blog! You seem to know the island well! Next time we visit I will be contacting you.
    Do you know what happen to La Boucherie? 3 years ago it was a wonderful place to get smoked meat on weekends and they had the best deli ever! I think it was across from Le Piment.

    • admin says:

      Bonjour Karen, Thank you for commenting. I look forward to plan your next St. Barth vacation! La Boucherie sold his St. jean location toe PATI, who sells St Barth French West Indies products.He reopened as Meat My Fish which is located on the main road road toward Marigot, just before the turn to Pointe Milou. Unfortunately, he no longer does chicken and ribs on weekends. We really miss that too. The Boucherie Che Yo that is located in Les Mangliers (St. Jean, in the complex behind the gas station) sells roasted chickens on Saturdays and Sundays. They are yummy and ready at about 11:30. We learned the hard way that you should reserve them in advance. (Our concierge can do that for you, if you wish). There is also a little place across form teh old post office in Lorent that does ribs on weekends, but you should also order in advance. Sunny regards, Peg

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