The Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) In St. Barts Part Two

Did you catch the Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) in St Barts second episode (#14) on Bravo at 9:00 p.m last night? A repeat of Episode 13 aired right before it.

Well, those Housewives sure do like to bicker! (Can’t they just enjoy their time on beautiful St. Barth the way the rest of us do?) And Aviva!! Good grief – the flight from St. Maarten to St. Barts is not the way she made it seem. And by the way, Aviva why didn’t you just take the ferry?

If you saw last week’s episode I was on the show greeting the RHONY (sans Aviva) at the magnificent Villa Oasis de Salines.

Villa Oasis de Salines

Villa Oasis de Salines

Isn’t it gorgeous? It is pricey at $100,000 per week in high season (January 7 to April 15) but worth it. In Value Season (April 16-December 15) it is $70,000 and if 6 couples split the cost, it makes it more reasonable. If you want to rent if during the Christmas-New Year’s period, prepare to bite the bullet as there is a 2 week minimum and it’s $140,000 per week. (It is already booked for Christmas 2012 but we have other fabulous villas that are still open.) Contact:

Back to last night…

I was at my St. Barth Properties Sotheby’s International Realty on-island office when Sonja and Ramona walked in. They were upset with the other Real Housewives because the “girl’s weekend” had become a dating event with boyfriends and husbands involved so they asked me for a “back-up” villa for them just in case they wanted to move there that very night! I was surprised but I checked availability and fortunately the fabulous Villa Au Soleil was available and I knew they would love it. It is so private and the view is incredible. (I also mentioned to them that Steve Martin owns it which of course impressed them). I enjoyed talking to them.

Villa Au Soleil

Villa Au Soleil

One more thing, did you see the RHONY walking into Bagatelle restaurant? We were there by coincidence with a bunch of dentists who were taking a continuing education course with the SBDA (St. Barth Dental Association) and having dinner. If you freeze the episode at :56 you can see my dentist son, Mark Smyth at the end of our table – small world.

I hope you are enjoying the scenery and those amazing shots of Villa Oasis de Salines.

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