What Can Teenagers Do During Family Vacations in St Barth? (Part One)

Day 1 and 2

I surprised my beautiful granddaughter Reegan with a trip to St. Barth as her present for her Sweet Sixteenth Birthday. I booked the trip for Reegan and her friend Andrea at midnight on Friday. They flew on JetBlue from Boston to San Juan and then on Tradewind Aviation from San Juan to St. Barth and arrived at 4:00 pm on Sunday. We picked them up and took them to our villa. Tired but very excited, they were fine with our plans for their first evening. They quickly unpacked, changed and we were off to see the sunset at Victoria’s Lounge at the hotel Carl Gustaf.


Arrival Day on the Tarmac

Then we headed over to Andy’s Hideaway which is the perfect place for weary travelers who wish to dine in a fun inexpensive atmosphere. The wait staff is excellent and ever so friendly and Andy always is a hoot! We love to order the Pierrade which is a hot stone on which you cook your food. They have a combo platter with beef, duck and chicken and they have a fish platter with shrimp, scallops and Tuna. All of this comes with salad and potato or fries and it is only 22 euros per person.

The Fish Pierrade at Andy's Hideaway

The Fish Pierrade at Andy's Hideaway

The next day, the girls were up early and ready to explore St. Barth. Reegan is very fair and burns like crazy, so we decided that we would go to the beach later in the day. I had an appointment at the office and I brought them with me so that they could plan their week with our St. Barth Concierge, Magda Votava. They chose some fun activities and Magda made the reservations for them. She also made all of our dinner and lunch reservations. In the meantime, my husband made sandwiches and packed the cooler for the beach.


Andrea (L) and Reegan (R) meet with Magda to plan their activities

We arrived at St. Jean Beach around 2:15. Reegan and Andrea had signed up to take a windsurfing lesson with Jean Michel at Carib Water Play at 3:00. What fun! Jean Michel started them out on the beach so that they could get the hang of it; then it was time to actually get in the water and wind surf. They did quite well and enjoyed it. We stayed on the beach until about 5:30 and headed back to the villa to shower and get ready for dinner.

Windsurfing lesson at St. Jean Beach with Jean Michel

Windsurfing lesson at St. Jean Beach with Jean Michel

Time to try it in the water

Time to try it in the water

We chose to dine at the Santa Fé which is one of our favorite places. There was a full moon that evening and we enjoyed being able to dine on their delicious fare while looking at the twinkling lights emanating from St. Kitts, Statia and Saba in the distance.


Santa Fe's Wonderful Croustillant de St. Jacques et ses Petites Legumes


Sole Meunière at the Santa Fé


Beef Bourguignon at the Santa Fé


Only Half the Calories if You Share Dessert

More activities to follow in my next blog.

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2 Responses to “What Can Teenagers Do During Family Vacations in St Barth? (Part One)”

  1. Cynthia Smyth says:

    It was so good for Reegan to see you and your office in St. Barth. And to see how successful and respected you and your business are on the island. She was in awe. The whole experience has really opened up her world. Thank you for making her Sweet Sixteen so magical !

    • admin says:

      Thank you Cynthia! It was so much fun and I watched her mature 3 years in only one week! I didn’t want to brag too much and mention that she is also a straight A honors student–but I can’t resist it!

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