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Hurricane Irma update November 11-15, 2017

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Which Beaches are open on St. Barth 9-10 weeks after Hurricane Irma?

The most recent update on the post-Hurricane Irma recovery on St. Barth in real-time November 11-15, 2017

November 11, 2017

It is Saturday November 11, 2017. Veteran’s Day in the US and Armistice Day in St. Barth (France). Businesses and enterprises are closed for the holiday. Not only it is a special day of tribute, it always falls on the anniversary of the founding of Le Select. Today is the 68th anniversary of this very famous bar! Marius Stakelborough opened the establishment that sits in the heart of Gustavia, in 1949.

Marius Stakelborough is one of my most favorite people. He is 94 years old and still going strong!

The celebration officially started at 11:30, so we arrived around 11:15 and were lucky to get a table that was partially shaded by an umbrella. For those of you who have been to Le Select before, the big tree with the round sign came down with Hurricane Irma, so it is sunnier. I think that Marius’ kids want to put something more permanent up, but I do not know if Marius will let them. We shall see. Anniversary cakes were cut, and Champagne was poured for everyone.

The crowd came out for the 68th anniversary of Le Select. 1949-2017

Eddy Stakelborough (Eddy’s restaurant) , one of Marius’ 9 children is there to congratulate his dad.

Everyone knows Marius, including Jimmy Buffett who refers to Marius in his One Particular Harbor song. When Marius decided to add food selections to his bar, he asked Jimmy if he could name it Cheeseburger in Paradise. Jimmy happily agreed, but only if Jimmy could have an open tab for the rest of his life. No problem! Jimmy gave a free concert on the quai for Le Select’s 50th and 60th anniversaries and I am hoping he will do it again for the 70th in just 2 more years. I’ll be there! Will you? Jimmy still comes to St. Barth all the time and will often pick up a guitar and sing an impromptu set at the Baz Bar.

Jimmy Buffett loves to stop by the Baz Bar once in a while to sing an impromptu set of songs. (I took this picture December 29, 2016. I am sure you will see him in 2017-2018, too).

Saturday night we (Pascale and her husband, Christophe, Steve and I) had invited the owners of the gorgeous Villa L’Adrech to have dinner with us at L’Esprit – Jean Claude Dufour. They accepted with an invitation to have Champagne and hors d’oeuvres at their villa first. Villa L’Adrech has so much warmth; it’s a home, so specially decorated with every little detail, that I know you will love it. From the circular garden parking area, to the view, to the flowers, the artwork, this villa is very special. You would never know that Hurricane Irma had ever touched it. The owners lived there through Irma’s wrath and, like many other people, took in some less fortunate owners who could no longer stay in their homes. This is the spirit of the people who live on St. Barth. The repairs were done immediately, and the villa is ready for your stay. Just email me, or my very capable staff at

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner wth Pascale, Christophe and the owners of Villa L’Adrech at L’Esprit Jean-Claude Dufour

November 12, 2017

Another Sunday arrives. Normally, this particular November weekend is spent commemorating the twin cities of Gustavia and Piteå (in Sweden) by running the Gustavia Loppet road race. This year, a late afternoon walk was organized to pay tribute to the solidarity shared by everyone on St. Barth after Hurricane Irma. A concert on the quai ended the day.

Time to go to Gouverneur Beach so that I can report back to you. I love this beach. Like Saline Beach, it is undeveloped on purpose. There is a small parking area by the access to the beach, so there is no need to climb a hill to reach it. The ride down to the beach is always dramatic because, as soon as you make the curve down the road, you have a stunning view of the beach that is far below. There were so many people there; many playing in the water, others sunning on the beach. Everyone was smiling. You will love it.

People were enjoying a morning swim at Gouverneur Beach

We stopped at the bakery to get our baguette. Lo and behold, I saw David Mouton, the owner of one of my most favorite restaurants, the Santa Fe. I asked him how things were going, and he told me that the landlord had just signed the insurance papers, so he can start the work. Steve asked him if the restaurant will be open in time for his Super Bowl party and he replied with a definite, “Yes”. We hope the Santa Fe opens sooner than that. I will let you know.

We bumped into David Mouton, the owner of the Santa Fe restaurant.

November 13, 2017

Today, I visited Villa Micela that sits directly on Flamands Beach. To be honest, I was absolutely astonished to see what the owners had accomplished. This two-bedroom jewel is perfect for those of you who love to be on Flamands Beach! I walked in, and immediately wanted to stay there, it looked so inviting. I opened the sliders from the air-conditioned living room to the pool deck – perfect. I walked towards the beach – a steep stairway was there inviting me to go down to the beach – incredible. Villa Micela is waiting for you. Just email me or You will be in 7th heaven.

I took this photo of Villa Micela on November 13, 2017. It’s beautiful!

The Villa Micela owners ingeniously built this staircase to be sure that you can directly access Flamands Beach

For dinner, I had heard that the owner of the Tom Beach hotel bought Le Bouchon, located in the Oasis shopping center in Lorient. Indeed, our waiter had a Free St. Barth t-shirt on and told me that he can’t wait until La Plage restaurant reopens because that is where he normally works. He shared with me that they hope to have their New Year’s Eve celebration on the beach, so let if you have reserved your villa with us and want to make reservations. Le Bouchon immediately reopened after Hurricane Irma. Although the menu is not as extensive as it will be, we loved it.

For a casual evening, try Le Bouchon in Lorient.

For now, the menu at Le Bouchon is limited, but yummy. By the time you go, there should be more selections.

November 14, 2017

I visited some potential new villa listings today. The owners had called my office to ask us to add them to our portfolio. I always inspect villas first, before agreeing to represent them. I will share the details of the villas I ok’d, once we have the contracts signed and photos to show you.

Great news! Le Tamarin restaurant reopens November 21, 2017! It is unbelievable that Paco and Julie have been able to restore their famous garden and lily ponds so quickly. I am sure it will be packed, so we should make your reservation before you travel. Never fear, we always send you a lunch and dinner reservation form in advance.

I had spotted a new sign, Da Vinci, that is next to Le Choisy bakery in Lorient, asked Aurélie about it, and she told me it is an alfresco pizza place. I had to try it for dinner tonight. I ordered a pesto pasta dish which was also on the menu and it was quite good (but very filling). This is a very casual place.

Le Choisy bakery in Lorient is open for business.

It looks as if Steve has a palm hat on at Da Vinci restaurant, next to La Choisy bakery, a very casual spot to get a pizza.

November 15, 2017

It’s my last day on St. Barth. I must go home to my house on Cape Cod to cook a huge turkey for our annual Thanksgiving Day dinner that I host for my family. I’m sorry to leave but will be back in no time, December 2nd, to be precise.

We have an arrival at Villa Royal Palm today, so I met the owner there to take a peek. Wow! It looks fantastic. The view is just as wonderful as ever and the villa is spotless.

I was able to see Villa Blue Diamond, too because we have an arrival there tomorrow. It also looks wonderful; The infinity pool was so inviting and, once again, the view is stunning. The owner will be adding a 2nd bedroom at some point (but not working on it while we have clients staying there).

I took this photo of the pool and view from Villa Blue Diamond on November 15, 2017.

Time to get ready and, let me tell you, putting on shoes after 2 weeks in paradise wearing only sandals, was not what I wanted to do. Off to the airport to return our cars to Odile at Gumbs car rental. She was sitting in the booth that St. Barth Properties shares with her. We checked in for our flight to San Juan with Tradewind. The airport and the departure lounge are fine.

Odile Gumbs was waiting for us with a smile, when we returned in our cars.

The deparature lounge at the St. Barth airport looks the same.

A true aerial view of the runway and St. Jean Beach from my seat in Tradewind.

We landed in San Juan, went through immigration and then customs. We were randomly picked to submit to an agriculture check which took some time, so I was grateful that we didn’t have a tight connection. The airport was very busy. We checked in for our flight to Boston on JetBlue.

The San Juan airport was very busy.

We seemed to be the only “tourists” on the plane. A long line with 21 wheelchairs had to board first. No one spoke English; all seemed to be evacuees. It was sad – when we were waiting for our luggage to arrive, I saw so many people, go up to someone arriving in a wheel chair, as well as others, and began hugging them and crying for happiness to get them out of Puerto Rico. I feel sorry for the island and its inhabitants and wish them well in their recovery.

I don’t believe that you will have a problem transiting through San Juan. I will let you know what it is like when I fly back to St. Barth through San Juan on December 01, 2017. We need to overnight in San Juan because JetBlue canceled its morning flights out of Boston.

As of today, the following beaches are open for your swimming enjoyment.

  • Colombier
  • Flamands
  • Anse des Cayes
  • Corossol
  • Public
  • St. Jean (airport side)
  • Shell Beach
  • Gouverneur
  • Petit Cul de Sac

I hope to see you there very soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

You can give thanks that St. Barth survived Hurricane Irma and is well on its way to recovery.

Guest Blog St Barth Properties St. Barth Specialist Kathy Schlitzer’s Trip Report June 2013

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Steve and I left St. Barth May 8 to attend several family graduations; I have made two trips back to paradise in between. I was going to write a blog about the family milestones but I figured that was way off-topic and I didn’t want to bore you. I just got back from vacationing in France where I took most of the family to celebrate.

Today’s blog is a Guest Blog written by our St. Barth Specialist, Kathy Schlitzer. Enjoy!

Kathy Schlitzer

Kathy Schlitzer

I often ask clients what it is that brings them back to St Barth year after year. Certainly they travel to other parts of the world as well, but they say their annual time in St Barth is sacred. They tell me it’s the only place they can truly relax in their hectic world. They love their daily routine that may include picking up fresh croissants and a baguette at the local bakery, reading and napping around the pool or on a favorite beach, a long lunch (preferably with feet in the sand) and no one hovering with the check, and dinner in or out, usually decided at the last minute. Actually they say most everything is decided at the last minute! No plans, no rush, no stress.

Having just returned from my semi-annual working trip I didn’t exactly have that experience but I’ve been to St Barth on vacation in the past and can corroborate. It’s best to go to St Barth often and without a list of things to do, if you’re coming to relax just chill and let it happen.

I stayed at two amazing villas this time. My colleague, our US concierge Julia Hurd, was with me all 8 nights, and the St Barth Properties President, Peg Walsh, for the first 4 nights. First stop – Villa Valentina, located on the windward side of Pointe Milou you can always count on a really nice breeze. We left the sliders open when we were there, three of us sitting around on our computers – if you have to work the breeze is very welcome. Valentina has the most interesting entrance, an amazing Balinese wooden door opens into a lobby with an ornate antique ceiling and both door and ceiling were shipped from Bali when the villa was built – the sound of a fountain and a Buddha complete the feeling of serenity! Very unique – very cool. The house was comfortable and the view is amazing.

Villa Valentina Balinese wooden door

Villa Valentina Balinese wooden door

Villa Valentina lobby with Balinese ceiling

Villa Valentina lobby with Balinese ceiling

After 4 nights at Valentina we were reluctant to leave but off we went to Villa Belle Bague in Colombier. Belle Bague is also a 4 bedroom villa with an amazing view and comfortable indoor and outdoor space. It too has a consistent breeze and Julia and I spent all our down time on the comfy couches on the deck. After touring the villa with the manager, both of us commented on the outstanding amenities included in this villa – the kitchen is a chef’s dream, every pot, pan, serving dish, cutlery, stemware, appliance and cooking gadget was there. Clearly the owner spends time at his villa and wants to be comfortable – happily the renters reap the benefits too. I could picture a large dinner party on the deck with candles and stars and the sound of the fountain and soft music in the background.

Villa Belle Bague deck

Villa Belle Bague deck

The bedrooms are mostly equal and all have television with cable and Hopper (a DVR for Dish customers), DVD – and WIFI router. WIFI reception was excellent and watching movies on my bedroom television put me to sleep after a long day. There wasn’t a thing we could think of that was missing. Unfortunately the weather turned cloudy so my personal pictures don’t do the villa justice but this is a very special villa. Did I mention the large, heated (in winter) pool with fountain!

Villa Belle Bague pool

Villa Belle Bague pool

From personal experience I highly recommend both Villa Valentina and Villa Belle Bague for families or couples.

I saw many villas during my stay, too many to mention here, but I visited several that are new to us and notable. Our two new villas on Flamands Beach – Micela and La Sirène are a wonderful option for those looking for beach front villas. Colibris is a new studio villa tucked away in Camaruche and perfect for honeymooners. La Côte Champagne in Petit cul de sac has 4 bedrooms, a huge pool, stunning view and connecting bedrooms. I can see either couples or families with kids enjoying this villa. I saw several new luxury villas that were over the top amazing – notably Villa Les Étoiles in Pointe Milou. This villa was designed to capture both sunrise and sunset and the view takes your breath away.

When I visit villas I picture the type of client I would recommend for the villa based on layout, location and amenities, for Les Étoiles I could see couples or family enjoying this villa for many reasons. For instance when I entered the chef’s kitchen with the large island I could picture an evening with a chef, a cooking class while sipping a good wine, dining al fresco under the stars. That is St Barth!

Villa Les Étoiles kitchen

Villa Les Étoiles kitchen

I could go on and on about the villas I saw, the meals I enjoyed, and the people I met but I’d better get back to work. Au revoir St Barth, à la prochaine fois.