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November in St. Barth – Trip Report by Connie Walsh

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

I am happily back on St. Barth and am based here for at least the next 5 months (poor me). Last month I was also here doing some villa inspections, spending time with friends and hosting our 25th Anniversary party celebrating the silver anniversary of when I founded St. Barth Properties. My colleague Connie Walsh was with me and I am pleased to share her trip report with you as a Guest Blog.

Connie Walsh’s Trip Report November 2013

Connie Walsh

Connie Walsh

One of the things I love best about the island of St. Barth is the charming small-town ordinary-ness of its daily life. It both belies and yet compliments the TMZ-like Jay Z & Beyoncé-ness which reaches its star-studded zenith over the Christmas and New Year holidays. But even then, residents, which include many whose families have called St. Barth home for generations, are out and about, stopping in at the post office, buying a baguette or grabbing a burger in Gustavia’s Le Select. And if they meet Mariah Carey popping out of a shop, Dave Letterman jogging the hills or are seated next to Hollywood’s latest starlet in a restaurant, it’s all in a St. Barth day.

Come August and September, many of the hotels and some restaurants shutter for an annual closing period. It’s a quiet time and one that many vacationers love, for just that reason. Come October, everything begins re-opening up with great energy. Hotels sport a range of renovations, announce new chefs and menus and everyone, residents and visitors alike are excited to see what new bistros and boutiques the season will bring.

I’ve been traveling to St.Barth in November for a number of years now with the St. Barth Properties (SBP) team for the pre-season inspection trip. I find the enthusiasm as tangible as the whiff of the scent of fresh paint. This year I added in some vacation time. Joining SBP’s president, my client and friend Peg Walsh. Together with our husbands and other friends, we shared the delightful Villa Nirvana. It was perfect for 3 couples, like many villas in the portfolio, its en suite bedrooms are privately situated and the poolside outdoor living spaces are designed to gather and socialize and take in a spectacular view. And we did.

Villa Nirvana

Villa Nirvana

My husband and I loved the Lurin location in part due to its proximity to Gouverneur Beach, one of our favorites. We could jump in the car and head down for a morning swim and be back in no time for a 2nd helping of French pastries. (Our St. Barth guilty pleasure.) The week went by all too quickly, a shopping trip combined with burgers, ice cold Caribs, and people-watching at the legendary Le Select; picnic lunches and swimming at St. Jean Beach where, end of day, we’d stroll down to La Plage’s Pink Parrot bar for a late-afternoon glass of rosé and a lovely day at the Christopher. The Pt. Milou hotel offers Day Passes and 80 euros per person will reserve you a plush poolside sunbed, umbrella and towel. The seafront pool here is the island’s largest and just gorgeous. A welcome cocktail and lunch at the feet-in-the-sand Mango is included. Spa aficionados can upgrade the Pass to include treatments at the hotel’s Spa Sisley. Check-in the with SBP’s concierge team to reserve the Pass.

Christopher pool

Christopher pool

The gang at the Christopher

The gang at the Christopher

And now on to the restaurant round-up. Our tradition is to have our first night on-the-island dinner at Andy’s Hideaway. The beloved old shanty with a view of the parking lots has been spiffed up. Brightly painted, plus new chairs and tables give it a contemporary look. Dare we say très chic? The thin crust pizza is still fabulous and the vanilla rhum, yummy. Andy belted out Sweet Caroline as he is wont to do and the crowd joined in. In short, it’s as much fun as ever.

Santa Fe has long been on my must-dine list (I always finish with the old-school Peach Melba.) and I’ve now added Le Carre Lounge. I love the way owner Franck Mathevet describes the preparations of each dish, with fingers aflutter like he is actually feeling the ingredients and I love everything on the menu starting with the truffle oil popcorn. Recommendations: the Gnocchi Maison “al pesto” and the crispy chicken rolls with ginger and lime.

Le Carre Lounge

Le Carre Lounge

We dined at Hotel Le Toiny‘s Relais Chateau restaurant Le Gaïac where on Tuesday nights they offer their popular 3 course pre-fixe Fish Market. The Mahi-Mahi was delish and I was blown away by my dessert of chocolate ganache served with a crispy biscuit, banana foam and avocado sorbet. (No, really.)

The Mahi-Mahi at Le Toiny's Le Gaïac

The Mahi-Mahi at Le Toiny’s Le Gaïac

We lunched at the Sereno and the Guanahani hotels. Le Sereno is boasting a new concept and menu and we devoured a starter of eggplant chips with tzatziki sauce and a salad of assorted melon tossed with arugula and dressed with a balsamic reduction – cool and refreshing. My favorite starter of this trip was the Guanahani’s Indigo resto’s Wahoo ceviche sprinkled with coconut.

This year, SBP upgraded their annual Beachside Bash in honor of their Silver Anniversary and everyone gathered at the Hotel Taïwana’s newly-christened restaurant Casa Flamands for an elegant buffet supper. With that as a “taste” we are looking forward to more.

My favorite of the new eateries is Gustavia’s just-opened Thai restaurant Black Ginger. The décor of the bi-level edifice is dramatic with a bold red and black color scheme. Head up to the 2nd floor and dine under the stars. Dishes are authentically prepared and we love that they incorporate the local fish. The black pepper Mahi-Mahi was a huge hit with our crowd and I loved my chicken curry in coconut milk. Newly opened on the harbor, Les Coulisses is casual, fun and a great stop for lighter fare. They serve tapas and very good pizza.

Black Ginger

Black Ginger restaurant

Our last day on St. Barth was a busy one and we planned to fit in lunch at a little restaurant that we heard was a favorite of locals, Le Jardin. Housed in a garden pavilion and tucked away in the shopping plaza across from the airport, it was simple, bright, airy and absolutely charming. I was delighted to see gazpacho on the menu and it was perfectly chilled and seasoned. However, I did have my eye on the two-fisted juicy burgers that were served up to the guys at the table beside us. Next time. We slowed down, ordered a glass of rosé and “hung out with the locals”. Put it on your list. It’s open for breakfast if you fly in early and it works well for a pre-departure cocktail. And who knows the crowd that day might include a celeb like Mick Jagger or a “special” local like Jimmy Buffett. But in St. Barth. everyone feels, well, special. Enjoy!

Brazil and Guanahani Promotion 1 euro = 1$

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

I cannot say that my trip went off without a hitch. When you travel as much as I do these days, you come to expect it.

The first part was perfect. I was heading to Sao Paulo and Steve’s job was to bring two huge suitcases back to our house on Cape Cod and get one of our cars out of storage in preparation for our return from St. Barth next month.

We hired Easyway and their VIP service to come to our villa and take our luggage to the airport. They took our passports and got our boarding passes for our flight to St. Maarten, so all we needed to do was arrive 15 minutes before our departure.

Pascale Minarro from my St. Barth office was traveling to Sao Paulo with me and we chartered St. Barth Commuter to take us to St. Maarten for our transfer to Miami where we were to catch our connecting flight that evening. Easyway also met us in St. Maarten. They took charge of collecting our luggage and getting our boarding passes on American Airlines, so we did not even have to go outside to check in. We went through a small security area and were in the departure area in no time.

Then we waited for our flight to Miami but it was quite delayed due to bad weather in Miami. It finally arrived but when we left Miami customs and were going to our flight to Sao Paulo, we were told it was delayed – TWELVE HOURS! Yikes the tradeshow started the next day – we would never get there in time.

We spent the night in Miami and boarded our delayed flight the next morning expecting to arrive at 7:00 pm that evening. However, we sat in the plane for an hour and a half due to a problem with the navigation system before they told us to deplane and wait for news. They gave us a voucher for lunch…It was a $10 voucher! Have you ever been able to eat lunch at an airport for $10?

Long story short, we departed at 1:00 pm and I arrived at my hotel at 11:00 pm. Pascale arrived without her luggage so she had to spend the following morning shopping for some decent clothes to wear for the trade show. AA had mistakenly put her luggage on the night flight to Sao Paulo instead of on our delayed flight…a comedy of errors.

Peg and Pascale - Friday, April 8, 2011 was All White Day

The show was great and worth the aggravation to get there. By the time we finished our 15 minute individual appointments, each and every travel agent we met was ready to send their clients to St Barth as well as visit the island themselves.


A travel agent ties a ribbon around my wrist and makes 3 knots for 3 wishes to come true - a Brazilian tradition

SBP Booth at Travel Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil

SBP Booth at Travel Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pictured Villa Avenstar

Now that I am back in beautiful St. Barth, I have more villas to inspect because many owners are coming to our office and requesting that we add their villas to our inventory. As you may already know, I insist on visiting each and every property before we agree to represent them.

We also have partnerships with the hotels in St. Barth. They are included in our St. Barth Properties’ The Hotels of St. Barth collection. The BIG news is that the beautiful luxurious Guanahani Hotel & Spa has a very special promotion on their Summer Packages $1= 1 euro! That is a huge savings. Have a look at the packages here: For more information, please contact: