Grocery Shopping in St. Barth has Become a “Destination Experience”!


Happy March! If your St. Barth vacation has yet to begin, you are in for a treat when you go grocery shopping. The new Super U opened its doors last week. Two of my most favorite clients are on the island for the month, and report that any trip to the store is a destination experience in and of itself.

Here is their firsthand account:

Our first morning on the island always consists of a trip to Marché U to stock the villa. We set out for our annual “FIRST” trip of many to U. Much to our surprise, and when we pulled into the lot, the store was shuttered! We then found out the new SUPERMARCHE U had opened that morning. It’s just up the hill, well, isn’t everything in St. Barth, “just up the hill”?

Welcome to the NEW Super U

We drove up and found parking for 80 cars on the roof; they are installing charging stations in some spots.

The rooftop lot at Super U- What a difference from the old Marché U

We got our shopping cart. You then take a moving sidewalk down to the store level. Carts will not roll on this sidewalk, so no worry about it getting away from you.

Take the moving walkway to and from the rooftop parking lot.

You cross a small indoor parking area, mostly handicap parking. Once you enter the store, you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore. It is a state of the art market. Defined departments, as seen in pics. Great lighting in the refrigerated and frozen cases.

The fresh and frozen cases are well-lit.

The viennoiserie offers much more than baguettes.

The Fromage section has a wide selection of cheeses.

Pastries – Yum

Le Charcutier – Items to nibble on with your fromage.

Le Boucher is at- the-ready to take your order.

Produce department was amazing. There is also a large selection of organic products.

Fresh fruits and vegetables just for you.

In one area is a case of in-house made dinners. We tried the chicken cordon bleu that night. It was quite tasty. Just had to remove the plastic cover, replace it with foil. The container is ovenproof. It couldn’t be easier.

If you decide to eat in for lunch or dinner, the Traiteur offers yummy items to-go.

The spirits and wine section is vast. There is a separate room for fine wines.

The regular wine section is well-stocked.

The fine wine section

In addition to the regular checkout lines, there is self-checkout. We did end up in one line that only took cards.

Express check-out is available, too.

The key maker kiosk is there as well with magazines and newspapers.

Browse the magazines while you have a key made at Super U.

There are also designated recycling bins. There is also a restroom across from the entry area. You need to get the key from customer service, just inside entry.

Ask for the key to the restroom here.

For twenty seven years we’ve been coming here and have seen many changes…this is just one more.

Kevin and Stan

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