Thinking of renting a villa instead of staying in a hotel?

This video explains what you should expect (and deserve) from your villa rental company

You have worked hard, sacrificed downtime and have finally decided to take that well-deserved vacation. You really want to unwind, have time to just “hang out” without ever looking at your watch. You have always stayed in a hotel but this time you want to have much more privacy. If you want to meet other people you can do that on the beach, in a boutique or in a restaurant. Dream about having lots of space – a living room, indoor and outdoor dining, your very own swimming pool and gorgeous views from your terrace – that is what renting a villa is all about.

BUT you say, “How do I do that”? Buyer Beware: Choose your villa rental company carefully. Be certain that the company knows each villa personally and will take care of you from the moment of your first inquiry until you leave you destination.

We decided to produce a video that we hope will explain what your villa rental company should do for you.

I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate any feedback. Do you know more about renting a villa than you did before you read my blog?

Merci beaucoup

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  1. Sarah Lawson says:

    As far as I know that I have to agree with you that getting villa to accommodate our stay is the best deal out there. At least for me and for you too. Since privacy is important, who would want to be disturbed on vacation? Nobody. So yes, a villa is the best deal! Anyway, since it is spring already, you should come and visit Phuket. Gotta get some fun in the sun, no? And you have to check us out, villa with a stunning ocean view and an exclusive infinity pool, what else can go wrong? So please do check us out, thank you!

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