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NYC quick trip Nov 17 2010 and Beaujolais Nouveau

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010


If you still haven’t made your plans to spend Christmas and New Year’s in St. Barth, check out our availability online.

November 17, 2010 was an eventful day —

A mix-up regarding a St. Barth event being held in New York City made for a very hectic day last Wednesday. You see, I received an email at noon reconfirming a Champagne reception and dinner that was to take place at 6:30 pm that very night! What was this all about? I had heard rumors that some sort of gathering promoting St. Barth was going to take place but did not have the details.

I spoke with David Zara (one of the owners of Tradewind Aviation with shuttle service from San Juan to St Barth) who had organized the event and he did not understand why I had not received the invitation because every member of the St Barth Hotel Association of which SBP is a member, was invited. He proceeded to tell me that I was on the guest list and was hosting a table! Yikes! I had to go as I did not want to miss it. I booked a flight, secured a hotel room and packed a bag. (Lucky for me that my carry-on is always packed).

As I was scurrying around to get ready for the 1.5 hour trip from my house on Cape Cod to Logan airport, to catch a 4:30 pm flight to La Guardia, one of David’s partners, Eric Zipkin called me to say that he had heard about the snafu and that he was able to send a plane to pick me up in Hyannis at 5:00 pm and take me to White Plains New York! Needless to say, I jumped at the chance and asked them to arrange for a limo to take me from there to Villa Pacri restaurant where the cocktail reception and dinner was to take place.

Tradewind Aviation Pilatus

Tradewind Aviation Pilatus

Precisely at 5:00 pm I hopped one of their beautiful Pilatus planes and in an hour I was in White Plains, whisked to the restaurant and voilà I was there in time to meet people and talk-up our fabulous little island. Tradewind’s other partner David Zipkin as well as David Zara were there to greet me. Villa Pacri is a multi-level venue and due to officially open today, November 23, 2010 and Pascal Ramette who owns Pacri restaurant in St. Barth is one of the owners. The atmosphere was wonderful as was the food.

At the same time, the Beaujolais Nouveau tasting was taking place in St. Barth. Clients and invited guests of St Barth Properties had the opportunity to taste the 2010 vintage of the Beaujolais Nouveau five hours earlier than their friends in France! Thanks to the time difference, we did not have to wait until 1 second after midnight on November 18th to imbibe. On the contrary, the bottles of this very young wine were opened just one second after 7:00 pm on the 17th – and the tasting began. Clients and friends of St Barth Properties gathered at the Cellier du Gouverneur in Gustavia and were the first to enjoy the tasting.

Beaujolais Nouveau tasting - SBP clients

Beaujolais Nouveau tasting - SBP clients

Beaujolais Nouveau tasting - SBP staff

The verdict? Wonderful!…it was a good vintage with a nice strawberry flavor. I hope you will try it.


Wall House Announcement

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

A few months back, I mentioned in my newsletter, Le Bulletin that I had a scoop for you regarding one of my favorite restaurants, the Wall House in Gustavia. Owner Julien has given me the go ahead to be the first person to let you know the big news.

Wall House Main Course

Wall House Main Course

The Wall House will be open during the summer months! We always mourned the annual closing of the restaurant which traditionally began the day after the “Empty the Fridge” party that was always held on the first Sunday in June. We had to be patient and wait until October to have lunch or dinner there. Our Value Season clients had to miss out on the experience…but no more!

Here’s the deal:

  • The Wall House will only be closed in September.
  • It will be closed all day on Sundays (beginning December 1st 2010).
  • They have already extended their opening hours:
    Lunch: Noon – 02:30 pm and Dinner: 07.00pm – 10.00pm.
Wall House Dessert

Wall House Dessert

They have some great deals at lunchtime and their 29 euros dinner special is a real bargain. Don’t pass up the dessert trolley; the selection is outstanding. They are producing their own rums too! –vanilla, coffee and orange flavors serve as a digestif after dinner.

Wall House Lunch Menu 2010-2011
Wall House Dinner Menu 2010-2011

Wall House Rums

Wall House Rums

And …for clients of St. Barth Properties?

Mention Peg’s Blog when calling our office in the US (1-800-421-3396) before you leave or our St Barth office while you are there (0590-29-75-05) to make your dinner reservation before January 31, 2011 and you will receive a complimentary apéritif!

Bon appétit

Land Shark Party

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

In case you missed it, our Land Shark Beach Party on November 6th was a huge success. It was a beautiful night and I loved seeing my Company’s logo and motto all lit up on the beach. Guests, wearing their Land Shark Beach Party buttons, started pouring in at 7:30; the bar was pouring margaritas at the same time. Dö Brazil was the perfect venue; owner Xavier Pignet and his staff did a great job.

Live Your Dream in the sand

St Barth Properties in the sand

St Barth Properties in the sand

Everyone was in a festive mood and divided their time between going from the upper restaurant to the beach restaurant and back again. Jimmy Buffett music was playing and the hors d’oeuvres were passed. When it was time to eat, I took the microphone and announced that Volume 15 of our new Live Your Dream® catalog had just arrived on the island and invited everyone to take one home with them. (It is beautiful, if I do say so myself).

Peg announces the new Live Your Dream catalog

The party was meant to be casual so people dined on hamburgers, ribs or fish burgers, fries and salad. We served beer and white or red wine to go along with the dinner. The chocolate dessert was a big hit!

Clients at the Land Shark party

Cathy and Tim Rutter with Peg and Tom

Everyone was so friendly and chatting it up with other clients as well as other invited guests such as hoteliers, villa owners and advertisers. Each client was raving about the villa or hotel where they were staying and, of course, how wonderful St. Barth is. Some people had only arrived that day and came to the party despite spending the day traveling. They told me that they had already fallen in love with the island and were promising to come back again next year! I certainly hope that the rest of you can come to next year’s party! (I will give you plenty of notice, so that you can clear your calendars).

Peg and Carole Gruson

While Tom, Kathy and I were there, we spent most the time running around the island inspecting villas. All that I can say is WOW. We have some fantastic new villas and I will be introducing them to you in future blogs.

Steve, Peg and Kathy

Traveling to Paradise

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Tom, Kathy and I traveled to our favorite piece of paradise and touched down around 4:20 yesterday —Ahh just feeling the warm air as we deplaned and walked towards the arrival area put a big smile on my face. I really do love St Barth! Tom and I are staying in Villa Everest and Kathy is staying in Villa Les Embruns and then moving to Villa Crystal Dream.

Villa Everest

Villa Everest

Villa Les Embruns

Villa Les Embruns

At this time of year we can take advantage of being able to fly directly from San Juan to St. Barth on Tradewind Aviation. We fly from Boston to San Juan and then take the 3:00 pm flight which is a shared charter (Pay by the seat). Their 8 passenger Caravan is air-conditioned and as a bonus, there are snacks and drinks on board! Sit back, relax and enjoy the view as you fly over the beautiful blue water and gaze down at the Caribbean islands below.

Tradewind Aviation Caravan landing in St Barth

Tradewind Aviation Caravan landing in St Barth

Tradewind’s shared charter prices vary depending on the day of the week and range from $395 to $595 + tax each way. The charter schedule includes 2 trips from San Juan to St. Barth (8:00 am and 3:00 pm) and 2 trips form St Barth to San Juan (10:00am and 5:00pm). Private charters on a Caravan or Pilatus are also available. Once you have reserved your accommodation with us, you may contact to book.

We have a full schedule ahead of us and I am very excited to see the updates that some owners have made. I will be inspecting some potential new villas and determine if we will add them to our portfolio. I will report back to you on my findings as well as any new restaurants and/or new enterprises that may be in the works.

Of course, the highlight of the trip is our Land Shark Beach party at Dö Brazil on November 06. Our guest list is growing and I will give you the low down.

Poor me, I have to work… not a bad job, though? Temperature is about 85° and if I get time to put my toes in the water, it will be about 75°. I would love to see you in St. Barth.

Villa Crystal Dream

Villa Crystal Dream