Land Shark Party

In case you missed it, our Land Shark Beach Party on November 6th was a huge success. It was a beautiful night and I loved seeing my Company’s logo and motto all lit up on the beach. Guests, wearing their Land Shark Beach Party buttons, started pouring in at 7:30; the bar was pouring margaritas at the same time. Dö Brazil was the perfect venue; owner Xavier Pignet and his staff did a great job.

Live Your Dream in the sand

St Barth Properties in the sand

St Barth Properties in the sand

Everyone was in a festive mood and divided their time between going from the upper restaurant to the beach restaurant and back again. Jimmy Buffett music was playing and the hors d’oeuvres were passed. When it was time to eat, I took the microphone and announced that Volume 15 of our new Live Your Dream® catalog had just arrived on the island and invited everyone to take one home with them. (It is beautiful, if I do say so myself).

Peg announces the new Live Your Dream catalog

The party was meant to be casual so people dined on hamburgers, ribs or fish burgers, fries and salad. We served beer and white or red wine to go along with the dinner. The chocolate dessert was a big hit!

Clients at the Land Shark party

Cathy and Tim Rutter with Peg and Tom

Everyone was so friendly and chatting it up with other clients as well as other invited guests such as hoteliers, villa owners and advertisers. Each client was raving about the villa or hotel where they were staying and, of course, how wonderful St. Barth is. Some people had only arrived that day and came to the party despite spending the day traveling. They told me that they had already fallen in love with the island and were promising to come back again next year! I certainly hope that the rest of you can come to next year’s party! (I will give you plenty of notice, so that you can clear your calendars).

Peg and Carole Gruson

While Tom, Kathy and I were there, we spent most the time running around the island inspecting villas. All that I can say is WOW. We have some fantastic new villas and I will be introducing them to you in future blogs.

Steve, Peg and Kathy


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