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While Julie and I were waiting for our St Barth Commuter flight from Sint Maarten to St Barth, we decided to have a beer at the bar and bumped into Katja, a friend of mine who lives in St Barth and designs jewelry. She was with Nicole an artist who was on her way to the art gallery at Eden Rock where she will be exhibiting for the next two weeks. I bought them a glass of wine and we made plans to go to dinner with both of them and another friend Natalie who works at Eden Rock the following night. My office made a reservation at PaCri for the five of us because Julie had never dined there and she wanted to try it. Many clients had raved about it.

Pacri Aug 05, 2010 L to R (Bob) Katja Julie Peg Natalie and Nicole

PaCri Aug 05, 2010
L to R (Bob) Katja Julie Peg Natalie and Nicole

We were not disappointed. Some of our selections included Caprese Bufalta, Autentica Burrata (remember, this is an ITALIAN restaurant on a FRENCH island so you need to translate as best you can).

I loved the Eggplant Parmigiana. The two bottles of Real Martin rosé wine went along perfectly with our meals and certainly made it easy for us to have great conversations. We thoroughly enjoyed our girls night out (well, Bob is a boy but who’s counting?)

Try it! It is on the road to Saline Beach.

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