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Thursday, July 29th, 2010

I am not sure how many of you remember the late 80’s when St Barth Properties was born. After falling in love with St Barth in 1986, it was a natural progression. All I needed was a telephone and a fax machine and some magazine and newspaper advertising to get the word out.

Peg and Steve Walsh

Peg and Steve's first trip to SBH in March 1986

Twenty-two years later I have progressed from working out of my daughter’s recently vacated bedroom/cum office where I answered the phone, faxed documents and sent out villa photos with a self addressed stamped envelope hoping for their return, answering a forwarded phone at my husband’s dental office (which I was managing at the time) to eventually printing a color catalogue with villa photos and embracing the computerized era and dominance of the Worldwide Web as a way to communicate (thanks to my son and VP Tom Smyth).

Now, I have been told that blogging is a further progression of what I need to do in this cyber-space day and age. I love to talk about St. Barth as it is my passion and blogging is like talking, so why not? My trademark Live Your Dream ® says it all.

My blogs will be mostly geared to St. Barth and all that is going on there. My husband, Steve and I live on the island six months a year and the rest of the year I travel back and forth from our home on Cape Cod usually with staff members who are doing site inspections of our villas and hotels and going to restaurants (both new and long-standing). I do love to travel however, so I may on occasion be blogging from elsewhere.

This blog is a work in progress, so if any of you have suggestions as to what topics you would like to see discussed, please let me know.