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Arrival night dinner – worth the money. Start your St. Barth vacation on the right foot!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017


Today’s blog was written by our St. Barth Properties USA office’s St. Barth Villa and Hotel Specialist Allegra Pawlowski. Allegra was lucky enough to start her time on St. Barth as a vacationer before swinging into work mode.

As many of our repeat guests know, vacationing in St. Barth is worth the extra effort it takes to get there. Occasionally, a glitch or two, through no fault of our own, can make for a very long travel day. Allegra shares her story.




Allegra Pawlowski

I went to the island for some vacation time with my mom and best friend and then I was to stay on for another week for my bi-annual inspection trip. The vacation portion was first and as it was a special getaway for my mom after a very tough year with medical hurdles and a death in the family, I arranged to have her pampered a bit on this trip. The first step was to hire a chef for our arrival night. Little did I realize that this was to be way more appreciated than originally planned… FOR ALL OF US.

Our travel day started with rising in Boston at 2 a.m. for a flight leaving at 5:30 a.m. followed by a connection in NYC and landing on St Maarten in a rain storm. This kind of weather is infrequent, so it was my first experience. Instead of waiting out the storm, we decided to jump in a taxi, cross the island at rush hour and head to the ferry.

You can take a ferry from St. Martin (the French side) instead of flying to St. Barth

Let me take a moment here to add that our Director of Concierge Services, (located in the US) Julia Hurd is a godsend! With one quick call to Julia, she reassured us that all would be ok on the island – she swiftly arranged to have the rental car waiting at the dock (rather than the airport), the chef was to arrive later and the manager of the property was alerted of our delay. I could sit back and enjoy the ferry ride to the island (a VERY rough, but fun ride, especially with a Planteur’s Punch in hand!).

Once we disembarked, we jumped in the car, drove to the Marché U to get the requisite (and much needed) bottles of wine, water and a few things to get us through the night. The chef, Christophe was hard at work already in the spacious kitchen of GORGEOUS Les Etoiles (our home for 2 of our 6 nights on the island). We were welcomed to the scent of parmesan crisps being toasted in the oven! We parked ourselves at the bar in the kitchen, watched the rain through the glass windows surrounding the living and kitchen area, poured ourselves some rosé and enjoyed the show in front of us with Christophe!

Chefs X.O. – Christophe Moreau preparing our first night’s meal

This was the agreed upon menu:

  • Amuse Bouche de la chef
  • Burrata di bufala with heirloom tomatoes, pear capers tartare, crispy prosciutto and parmesan chips
  • Beef Wellington, mushroom duxelles, grenaille potatoes, Mediterranean ratatouille
  • Roasted pineapple with citrus and honey syrup

Amuse Bouche de la Chef

Burrata by Chefs X.O., Christophe

HEAVEN! The zombies we were, sitting at the bar allowed us to watch Christophe work his magic and magic it was! He kept refilling our glasses with the rosé we picked up at the market (He can provide the cocktails and wine if you wish) and we watched with our eyes wide and mouths drooling. What a fantastic way to end an adventure-filled day! I strongly suggest that you ask Julia to arrange your first night’s dinner on your arrival day.

Dessert – Roasted pineapple with citrus and honey syrup

Thank you and sunny regards,

Allegra Pawlowski
St Barth Specialist

Guest Blog St Barth Properties St. Barth Specialist Kathy Schlitzer’s Trip Report June 2013

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Steve and I left St. Barth May 8 to attend several family graduations; I have made two trips back to paradise in between. I was going to write a blog about the family milestones but I figured that was way off-topic and I didn’t want to bore you. I just got back from vacationing in France where I took most of the family to celebrate.

Today’s blog is a Guest Blog written by our St. Barth Specialist, Kathy Schlitzer. Enjoy!

Kathy Schlitzer

Kathy Schlitzer

I often ask clients what it is that brings them back to St Barth year after year. Certainly they travel to other parts of the world as well, but they say their annual time in St Barth is sacred. They tell me it’s the only place they can truly relax in their hectic world. They love their daily routine that may include picking up fresh croissants and a baguette at the local bakery, reading and napping around the pool or on a favorite beach, a long lunch (preferably with feet in the sand) and no one hovering with the check, and dinner in or out, usually decided at the last minute. Actually they say most everything is decided at the last minute! No plans, no rush, no stress.

Having just returned from my semi-annual working trip I didn’t exactly have that experience but I’ve been to St Barth on vacation in the past and can corroborate. It’s best to go to St Barth often and without a list of things to do, if you’re coming to relax just chill and let it happen.

I stayed at two amazing villas this time. My colleague, our US concierge Julia Hurd, was with me all 8 nights, and the St Barth Properties President, Peg Walsh, for the first 4 nights. First stop – Villa Valentina, located on the windward side of Pointe Milou you can always count on a really nice breeze. We left the sliders open when we were there, three of us sitting around on our computers – if you have to work the breeze is very welcome. Valentina has the most interesting entrance, an amazing Balinese wooden door opens into a lobby with an ornate antique ceiling and both door and ceiling were shipped from Bali when the villa was built – the sound of a fountain and a Buddha complete the feeling of serenity! Very unique – very cool. The house was comfortable and the view is amazing.

Villa Valentina Balinese wooden door

Villa Valentina Balinese wooden door

Villa Valentina lobby with Balinese ceiling

Villa Valentina lobby with Balinese ceiling

After 4 nights at Valentina we were reluctant to leave but off we went to Villa Belle Bague in Colombier. Belle Bague is also a 4 bedroom villa with an amazing view and comfortable indoor and outdoor space. It too has a consistent breeze and Julia and I spent all our down time on the comfy couches on the deck. After touring the villa with the manager, both of us commented on the outstanding amenities included in this villa – the kitchen is a chef’s dream, every pot, pan, serving dish, cutlery, stemware, appliance and cooking gadget was there. Clearly the owner spends time at his villa and wants to be comfortable – happily the renters reap the benefits too. I could picture a large dinner party on the deck with candles and stars and the sound of the fountain and soft music in the background.

Villa Belle Bague deck

Villa Belle Bague deck

The bedrooms are mostly equal and all have television with cable and Hopper (a DVR for Dish customers), DVD – and WIFI router. WIFI reception was excellent and watching movies on my bedroom television put me to sleep after a long day. There wasn’t a thing we could think of that was missing. Unfortunately the weather turned cloudy so my personal pictures don’t do the villa justice but this is a very special villa. Did I mention the large, heated (in winter) pool with fountain!

Villa Belle Bague pool

Villa Belle Bague pool

From personal experience I highly recommend both Villa Valentina and Villa Belle Bague for families or couples.

I saw many villas during my stay, too many to mention here, but I visited several that are new to us and notable. Our two new villas on Flamands Beach – Micela and La Sirène are a wonderful option for those looking for beach front villas. Colibris is a new studio villa tucked away in Camaruche and perfect for honeymooners. La Côte Champagne in Petit cul de sac has 4 bedrooms, a huge pool, stunning view and connecting bedrooms. I can see either couples or families with kids enjoying this villa. I saw several new luxury villas that were over the top amazing – notably Villa Les Étoiles in Pointe Milou. This villa was designed to capture both sunrise and sunset and the view takes your breath away.

When I visit villas I picture the type of client I would recommend for the villa based on layout, location and amenities, for Les Étoiles I could see couples or family enjoying this villa for many reasons. For instance when I entered the chef’s kitchen with the large island I could picture an evening with a chef, a cooking class while sipping a good wine, dining al fresco under the stars. That is St Barth!

Villa Les Étoiles kitchen

Villa Les Étoiles kitchen

I could go on and on about the villas I saw, the meals I enjoyed, and the people I met but I’d better get back to work. Au revoir St Barth, à la prochaine fois.