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What Can Teenagers Do During Family Vacations in St Barth? (Part Two)

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Day 3

The girls were up fairly early and decided that they wanted to go to a different beach; they wanted to go that morning. As I mentioned to you Reegan has such fair skin that she burns within minutes of being in the sun. Andrea on the other hand, told me that she never burns because she is Greek and her skin tans easily. First things first I said, “Let’s go to the pharmacy and get some sunscreen”. They like the spray kind and had decided upon Gouverneur Beach which is a gorgeous undeveloped beach. There is no shade, however. They made their lunches, packed the cooler and we dropped them off at 10:30. We picked them up at 1:30. They had really enjoyed swimming and sunning there.


Get that Sunscreen!


Gouverneur Beach

What’s next? I had made plans to dine that evening with my long time (11 visits with SBP!) wonderful clients Mike and Bonnie long before I had surprised Reegan with this trip. Not a big deal as these teenage girls love to shop and wanted to wander around Gustavia and get their bearings before doing some serious shopping later in the week. They also wanted to go to the famous Le Select for a Cheeseburger in Paradise. We made plans, dropped them off in Gustavia and then picked them up at about 7:00. They were glad to spend the evening alone at the villa. (Yes, they were sunburned, too.) They had their laptops and were happily posting their activities on Facebook!


Le Select

In the meantime, Steve and I took Bonnie and Mike to dinner at Taïno restaurant at the Christopher. It was as if we had been friends for life! We had such a good time and they have already booked Villa Le Perchoir for their 12th visit (in 2012 no less).


11 time SBP repeat clients Bonnie and Mike from Petoskey, Michigan

St Barth Properties November Party

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The plans for our St Barth Properties November Party are in the works. Please join us November 05, 06, and 07, 2010 for this fun weekend.

If you are a confirmed client, please email so that we may add you to our guest list. If you have yet to book your villa or hotel, please email and one of our Villa and Hotel Specialists will contact you.

It is not too late to reserve your villa! Today I am suggesting two nice options.

For just the two of you:

Villa Le Perchoir in Flamands

Dream About: Relaxing in your Jacuzzi, with a dramatic sweeping view of Flamands Beach.

It’s in the Details: A sweet, romantic villa with a lovely living room and a pretty king bedroom.

SBP Loves: The verandah, with its dining table, lounge chairs, swaying hammocks – and that Jacuzzi

Villa Le Perchoir Jacuzzi and view

Villa Le Perchoir Jacuzzi and view

Want to celebrate with friends? Here is a nice choice that is perfect for two couples

Villa Bet Yam in Toiny

Dream About: Entertaining – just yourselves or others – on the dramatically lit pool deck with its Buddha and fountain.

It’s in the Details: Serene bedrooms have en suite baths with outside showers, and a loft mezzanine is great for reading, napping or just taking in the view. Jog from Toiny to Grand Fond.

SBP Loves: The contemporary décor with striking accent pieces and the “Chinese” bedroom.

Villa Bet Yam bathroom and shower

Villa Bet Yam bathroom and shower

Please send an email to, mention Peg’s Blog and receive a 5% discount on the above villas for any stay that encompasses November 05, 06 or 07, 2010. If you miss out on these two, I will suggest two more in my next blog.