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Another Quick Trip to St. Barth

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Yes, I was just in St. Barth and came back to Cape Cod July 15 but I need to go back tomorrow with Julie Nally who is one of our fabulous St. Barth Specialists so that we can meet with a very well known Event Planner from New York City whose client wants to get married in St. Barth. We will be showing the planner and the bride some beautiful venues where she can hold her April 2011 wedding and reception. Did you know that we do events too?

We have lots of other stuff to do such as looking at some potential villas to add to our portfolio and we need to inspect a refurbishment at another villa.

Villa Bleu Turquoise was just finished (they are still waiting for the beds to arrive from France). It is right above Villa Bleu Outremer giving us a nice 7 bedroom option right above Gouverneur Beach!

Bleu Turquoise

Villa Bleu Turquoise

Gouverneur Beach

Gouverneur Beach

We are in the midst of creating our next Live Your Dream® catalogue and I need to scrutinize the progress with our on-island team. The format for 2011 is a bit different. I think you’ll love it.

We’ll lunch at the Sand Bar at Eden Rock which is always a treat. I can’t wait to try the new restaurant Coté Port.

We’ll report back. Stay tuned…