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Quick Trip to St Barth Part 2: Summer Sessions, the “New” La Route des Boucaniers plus the just opened V Lounge

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I forgot to tell you that I had a business (and pleasure) lunch with Pascale Minarro the Directrice of our St Barth office and Magdalena Votava, our Concierge. Paula joined us at the newly reopened La Route des Boucaniers harbor side restaurant that is now owned by Xavier Pignet of Dõ Brazil. I had been dying to try it and I am so glad that we did. The menu is varied and they offer lunch specials every day. Prices range from 10 to 20 euros each. (The dinner menu is different and very good, too.) The restaurant is completely remodeled; the bar was moved and the dining areas are more open so you feel more al fresco and can enjoy the view. We each tried a different item. I had the Langouste Salad and it was quite good. Paula and Magda indulged in the dessert—Yummy!


Pascale, Magda, Paula and Peg about to have lunch at La Route des Boucaniers


Dessert anyone?


The New Bar at La Route des Boucaniers

Saturday afternoon I took a few hours off and went to St. Jean Beach with Paula. The water was divine. I noticed some camera equipment on the beach (This is fairly common but more so on Shell Beach). It turns out that Victoria’s Secret was doing a photo shoot featuring one of their top models, Candice Swanepoel. She really is stunning and we watched the entourage for a while. It’s quite a production just to get one shot. If you happen to read one of their next catalogues and you see her picture, try to notice if you recognize the beach in the photo.


Victoria's Secret Candice Swanepoel on St. Jean Beach

Saturday night was the Summer Sessions concert on the quai so we decided to go down to Gustavia early because DJ Alex Merrell was spinning at the new V Lounge. The what? The V Lounge aka the Voyageur Lounge… It is a gorgeous very elegant lounge for us “grownups” who can’t stay up until the night clubs get going at midnight and close at 4:00 am. It is luxuriously furnished with white sofas inside and tables are located on the outside deck. The view of the harbor from here is outstanding. The bar is beautiful too. The V Lounge is located above the Yacht Club and La Marine in Gustavia and the fact that it opens at 7:00 pm is really great. People can go there for an apéritif then continue on to dinner or stop by for a digestif after dinner. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy drinks and a light supper the V Lounge offers a wonderful selection of tapas. Open from Tuesday to Sunday 7:00 pm to 1:00am and they accept reservations. I think you are going to love this place.


The new V Lounge

Paula and I had decided that we were going to hire a taxi to pick us up at Villa Everest. Our island office concierge, Magdalena Votava hired Karine Greaux who dropped us off at the V Lounge. Karine told me to call her 15 minutes before were ready to go home. So we were on foot and left the V Lounge to dine at the Wall House. The food was great per usual and we spent time talking to co-owner Julien Tatin. Julien and his co-owner dad, Bernard love St Barth Properties and our clients, so if you want to have lunch or dinner there, you can reserve a table before you travel or call Magda when you are on the island. She will make the reservation for you and you will receive a 10% discount off of the entire bill! Now that is a great deal.

After dinner we walked over to the other side of the harbor to enjoy the music. Lots of people were there and the entertainment was great. Then I called Karine and she took us back to the villa.


Saturday Night Concert on the Quai

More to come in my next blog…