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Peg Loves St. Barth and Loves to Travel, Too

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Samuel Johnson said it all in this quote, “When you are tired of travel, you are tired of life.”

It goes without saying that my very favorite destination in the world is the tiny, sophisticated, unique and wonderful island of St. Barth. However, I do love to travel. If I did not, I never would have discovered St. Barts the way I did in 1986.

My travels have made me a five million miler with American Airlines. So, if you don’t mind, I may be blogging from different areas of the world.

Our adventure began when we left St Barth on Tradewind Aviation to San Juan. The Franklin Smyth’s were on board with us for that leg. We then parted company as they headed back to Boston and we continued on our journey by flying first to Miami, then to LAX and finally reaching our destination 31 hours later (losing both a day and lots of sleep).

Tyler and Mimi leaving St Barth via Tradewind


Tommy Jr and GrandDoc on Tradewind

We began in Sydney and strolled along Circular Quay to the very impressive Sydney Opera House where I had prebooked a tour. This magnificent piece of architecture was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on October 20th, 1973 and our guide showed us all of the various venues. I had also prebooked an event so we were able to attend a wonderful play in the Drama Theater that evening.


Sydney Opera House from the water

We toured The Rocks, Sydney’s birthplace, on foot and learned how Sydney grew from a fledgling outpost full of notorious prisoners who were sent to Australia by Great Britain and turned into the thriving metropolis it is today. We walked past old pubs, terraced homes, sandstone cottages and sites of crime and punishment.

We are both afraid of heights so we marveled at the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and looked on in awe as we witnessed people who were brave enough to walk across the very top (and spend $200 each for the privilege).

Sydney is a wonderful city.


Sydney Harbour Bridge from the water