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2018 Transat AG2R transatlantic sailing race

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

The incredible St. Barth La Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE

Life goes on in St. Barth. Some things have not changed and that is the Maritime traditions that continue to take place – Irma or no Irma. We had the CataCup, the St. Barth Bucket Regatta, Les Voiles de St. Barth, the West Indies Regatta, and now the biannual La Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE is on its 17th day of the race.

The Transat AG2R is a transatlantic sailing race that takes place every other year. The departure point is Concarneau Harbor in France, and the finish is Gustavia Harbor in St. Barth, a total of 3890 miles. Each boat has only two crew members and are identically equipped 33’ Figaro Bénéteau II single-hull sailboats. It is amazing that so many sailing buffs scramble to find sponsors, spend three to four weeks in cramped quarters with as few supplies as possible so as not to weigh them down, and risk getting on each other’s nerves big-time. The challenge for the crew is to take advantage of the wind while determining the best route.

For the 2018 Transat AG2R, 19 boats left Concarneau on April 22, 2018, heading off to St. Barth where the islanders intently follow their progress. This year is extra special because our very own St. Barth resident, Miguel Danet (The St. Barth Sailor), is racing on Le Macaron French Pastries sponsored boat with Eric Perron.

The St. Barth tean Miguel Danet (Left) and Eric Perron are very skilled sailors.

As of today, the first boat is very near St. Barth and Le Macaron French Pastries is in 8th place. No matter what time of day or night, many people jump in their own boats and chase out to Colombier to give each finisher a hero’s welcome and a personal escort into port. Each boat is welcomed in the same exuberant fashion, from the first to last. The final true celebration does not take place until the last place boat finishes. And then, what a celebration! Awards, food, drinks, music and dancing, all of which takes place on the Quai Général de Gaulle with everyone kissing one another and congratulating all of the exhausted crew members who successfully completed the race.

Follow the race here:

Miguel and Eric, skippers on Le Macaron French Pastries race to the AG2r Transat finish in St. Barth

St. Barth Bucket

Friday, March 4th, 2011

The Island Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Bucket Regattas
March 24-27, 2011

If you haven’t yet finalized your trip to St. Barth, why not come down for “The Bucket”? It’s a great time to visit.

St. Barth’s Bucket has a lively history dating back to 1986 in Nantucket, where the Bucket was born, just for bragging rights, and has evolved over the years with some owners recruiting professional sailboat racers for their crews. Stateside, the regatta is now held in Newport, Rhode Island, long known for its strong nautical traditions. The first St. Barth Bucket race was launched in 1995. St. Barth provides a beautiful and glamorous venue for these yachts to sail to peak performance. And there’s been lots of fun, what with Champagne and canapés along the way.

This three-day, invitation-only race around St. Barth created for the world’s biggest and best super yachts will be held the weekend of March 24-27, 2011. The race is much anticipated. Run by owners for owners of mega-yacht sailboats (i.e., over 100 ft. [34m]), it’s a magnificent spectacle to behold. An article in Forbes magazine once described the race as a “gathering of swells,” and indeed it is. There is as much focus on winning the party as the race!

2010 St Barth's Bucket race

2010 St Barth's Bucket race

The festivities begin with a skippers’ meeting followed by a welcome party on the Quai Général de Gaulle. The first day begins with a get-acquainted counterclockwise sail around the island – for the captains to ready themselves. The second day is a tacking duel where all sprint toward the finish. On Saturday, the finale is a clockwise dash around the island.

The awards include a Swiss Cowbell – a congeniality award – and the coveted Escargot Trophy for last place. The winner will have the honor of having their name engraved on the Bucket itself, rumored to have started its life in France as a spittoon, and receive the St. Barth Medal. A party for all is held on the Quai Général de Gaulle in Gustavia.

Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon

The St. Barth Bucket has become a celebration for the entire island, and 2011 will be even more special. You should come! An insider’s tip: some of the best viewing spots include the hills of Lurin and Pointe Milou. Be sure to join the party on the quai on Saturday night and the awards ceremony on Sunday evening. You never know whom you will see there! There is a commemorative book in the works which will feature gorgeous pictures taken of the event over the years.

Happy Anniversary to the Bucket Regattas!

Here is the preliminary schedule. To reserve your villa or hotel accommodation for this fun event, please call -1-800-421-3396 or email