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Hurricane Irma Update 4

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

The latest news plus, how do you see photos of St. Barth in real time?

We know many people are confused by some information that has been reported in the media. It is true we were hit by a very powerful storm. Some media have lumped St. Barth together with other islands that had certainly suffered greatly and are not as fortunate to possess the resources for such a rapid recovery like St. Barth. Our hearts go out to our neighbors and we wish them the best in their efforts towards recovery. We know they will all rise up again.

Gustavia 10-12-17

Irma before and after 10-13-17

Below you can see the current list of updated business and restaurant openings as well as airport/ferry information. All of this can be found on our Hurricane Irma update page on which we have posted nearly every day. We invite you take a moment to read this page. Be sure to start from the bottom of the page to see all updates. We think you’ll be impressed with the progress.

Business/Restaurant/Airport/Ferry Info

  • Private Villas:
    • We have assessed all of our properties and are pleased to report that many are ready for their November or December arrivals and most ready for high season. A few may take a bit longer but with 250 beautiful homes in our inventory we have plenty of great choices to offer you.

Villa Royal Palm in Vitet received its first guests October 23, 2017. They are thrilled! Photo taken 10-22 17.

  • Shops & Businesses:
    • The majority of shops in Gustavia and St. Jean are open now or will be re-opening as originally scheduled in October & November.
  • Restaurants:
    • Open now or by the end of November: Bakeries island wide, Le Select, Bar de L’Oubli, Galawa (former Pipiri), 25 Quarter, Le Jardin, Le Vietnam, Island Flavors, Au Regal, Bistro Josephine, Le Bouchon, Les Bananiers, Modjo, Yo Sushi Mania, L’Esprit de Saline, La Langouste, La Cantina, Le Piment, Papas Pizza delivery, Le Rendez-Vous, Eddy’s, Le Tamarin, Black Ginger, François Plantation, L’Isola, L’Isoletta, Orega, Chez Rolande, L’Entracte, Spice of St. Barth, Jo-Jo Burger, Mayas to Go.
    • Opening in December: Mayas, Le Ti St. Barth, La Bagatelle, La Plage, Shellona (former Dð Brazil), La Guérite (former Wall House), Kiki é Mo, Baz-Bar.
  • Airports/Airlines/Ferries:
    • St. Barth Airport: OPEN Re-opened in September and is fully functional.
    • St. Maarten Princess Juliana International Airport: OPEN Re-opened Oct 10 to commercial flights.
    • San Juan Airport: OPEN Tradewind Aviation is currently flying daily flights between St. Barth and San Juan and will maintain a full schedule for the high season.
    • Antigua Airport: OPEN Tradewind Aviation will resume its flights between Antigua and St. Barth and expects to add additional flights for the high season.
    • St. Thomas Airport: OPEN Tradewind Aviation will resume its flights between St. Thomas and St. Barth for the high season.
    • St. Kitts/Nevis Airport: OPEN Tradewind Aviation will resume its flights between St. Kitts/Nevis and St. Barth for the high season.
    • Great Bay Express: Ferry service between St. Martin and St. Barth resumed October 13.
    • Voyager Ferry Service: Ferry service between St. Martin and St. Barth resumed October 13.

The residents of St. Barth have worked hard so that they can welcome you back this season. If you are considering a St. Barth vacation and support our beloved island, everyone there will be happy to see you! I would be delighted to assist you in securing the right accommodations. Some who know St. Barth are saying this could be the perfect year to visit as it may be a bit quieter than recent years, a nice reminder of the St. Barth in simpler times. I look forward to assisting you. Contact me or our St. Barth Specialists at, 1-800-421-3396.

Many of you have asked for photos of the island. Everyday it gets greener and greener. For a live update 24/7, check You can follow along to see the improvement right up until your day of travel.

The greening of St. Barth continues…10-22-2017

Post Irma, only 7 weeks later, the palm trees that looked like Q-tips as described by Tom Smyth 2 weeks ago are now coming back with gusto 10-22-2017

Enjoy Another Exhilarating Activity in St. Barth and Hike to Pointe à Toiny

Friday, April 25th, 2014

John Casey, the very skilled catamaran sailor who races in the St. Barth CataCup each year and is vying for a spot on the 2016 Olympic Team in Rio, read my blog about the hike to Washing Machine and the Natural Pools. He suggests another great trail for you to try and is sharing his enthusiasm for the hike to Pointe à Toiny in today’s guest blog.


A majority of my time in St. Barth is spent on the water racing by popular beaches and jagged points, but that’s only where the adventure begins. While I’m not sailing, I enjoy staying fit and doing activities far from everyday life. As soon as we drive east from Gustavia Harbor, the reality of being on a pristine island in seclusion really sets in.

My best day on the island was with my fiancée. Well, she’s my wife now. I think the trips to St. Barth helped seal the deal! We slept in, which is also easy to do on the island, and woke up with the trade winds blowing through Villa Les Mouettes one of St. Barth Properties delightful villas in Vitet.

Villa Les Mouettes

Villa Les Mouettes

With a good’s night sleep we decided to go on a hike. I’ve been to the island many times, but there was still a place I hadn’t been to yet, Pointe à Toiny. I realized I hadn’t been there because the hike to Grand Fond’s Washing Machine and Natural Pools that Peg describes is such a good one.

When we looked off of our porch that morning a quick shower passed through and greeted us with a rainbow.

A pretty rainbow appeared in  the view from our villa  Les Mouettes that morning

A pretty rainbow appeared in the view from our villa Les Mouettes that morning

We decided to go for a café au lait and some quick eats for the hike, so we stopped by Maya’s To Go. Carolina decided on Salmon and edamame salad. I had a very tasty quinoa-mandarin orange bowl.

Carolina holding the door open for me, so nice!

Carolina holding the door open for me, so nice!

I really looked forward to this hike. I’ve sailed around the island so many times and saw the cliffs of Toiny, but I always thought the windward side of the island wasn’t habitable. I did know it’s the most treacherous part of the island to sail by with its large waves and unforgiving rocks.

We snaked on winding roads from St. Jean to Hotel Le Toiny and pulled up the road leading to the hotel. It seems like there is nowhere to go after pulling in, but we drove straight by the hotel to a small gravel area on the right with room to park. From there we walked down a small grassy road toward Pointe à Toiny. The view kept getting better.

This hike is extra special since it’s on the windward side of the island. The breeze blows over Pt. Toiny making for a relaxing cool hike.

We begin not far from Hotel Le Toiny

We begin not far from Hotel Le Toiny

Pt. Toiny to some is easy rock climbing, but be careful because a majority of the rocks are loose and you can lose your footing easily.

Carolina gets daring on the rocks

Carolina gets daring on the rocks

Along the paths there are a few benches which give you a chance to enjoy the view. We took the opportunity to eat our Maya’s snacks and just soak in the beauty of the south side of the island.

We took time to enjoy the view as well as our snacks

We took time to enjoy the view as well as our snacks

After the hike we were famished again. On St. Barth I exercise more so I’m hungrier and anxious to eat the delicious varieties of gastronomique delights offered throughout the island. Tapas at Txerri Gorria were on the docket that night. I describe it as decadent. In the States I just don’t have the opportunity to enjoy perfectly tender thin sliced duck or foie gras with Himalayan sea salt, which were two of my favorites. The brie was creamy, the wine tasty and I even had a Jade organic beer.

Then there were four more days just as perfect. Thank you St. Barth!