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The St. Barth Restaurant Scene Just Keeps Getting Better

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Bo Káo joins the list; Le Guanahani’s Thursday night BBQ at Indigo

As you know, dining out at the various restaurants in St. Barth is one of my “jobs” because I want to keep you informed about a favorite pastime and must-dos while vacationing on St. Barth.

Bo Káo

One of my new favorites is Bo Káo. For my readers who have been to St. Barth before, you remember when Frank Mathevet sold the Wall House and opened Le Carré in the Carré D’Or courtyard (by Hermès). He then sold it and it struggled for a couple of years. Now, we have Bo Káo which opened just in time for New Year’s Eve 2016. From the beginning, I loved it! The cuisine is described as “Peruvian Japanese” and the menu is extensive. They have exotic cocktails too.

Eddie the bartender creates exotic cocktails just for you

We love dining alfresco, so the ambience fits our modus operandi. Don’t worry about an occasional shower, there is a retractable awning to keep you dry.

Alfresco dining at Bo Káo

Let me start by telling you that I now have a new favorite appetizer. I will never order a different one when I dine at Bo Káo. It is called Anticuchos and it consists of 4 pieces of marinated chicken bites, chiso tempura-style with corn cream. Each morsel literally melts in your mouth. Bo Káo also offers woks, (Steve loved the seafood wok with noodles.) sushi, tempura, meat dishes such as lamb chops (adored them), seafood, ceviche and more.

Anticuchos – marinated chicken bites, chiso tempura, corn cream. The normal serving is 4 pieces. We shared plates of them for the 9 or us.

Lamb Chops, Roasted, with Nikkei stew and huacatay

The last time I was there, we had family visiting so I made a reservation for the nine of us. Everyone raved about the experience. Try it and let me know how you like it.

Here we are at Bo Káo with my daughter Kim, grandson Matt and his girlfriend Katie, John and Cathy as well as my son and SBP VP, Tom and my daughter-in-law Amy


For a change of pace, I recommend spending your Thursday evening enjoying a poolside/beachfront setting at Le Guanahani’s Indigo restaurant. The hotel’s more formal restaurant Barto’ is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so diners are treated to an Asian night on Wednesdays and a Barbecue evening on Thursdays at the beautiful Indigo restaurant.

Le Guanahani’s Indigo restaurant by the beach

Steve’s niece, Cathy and her husband John were visiting and staying at Villa Genia which is next to Le Guanahani (Our clients who stay at Vila Genia have signing privileges at the hotel, a nice perk). It was the perfect time for me to try the BBQ night.

Steve and I having fun at the Indigo BBQ with Cathy and John

We walked in and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my favorite singer and guitar man, Soley was entertaining for the night. – A bonus!

Soley serenades us at L’Indigo

As soon as I sat down, I took off my shoes and stuck my toes in the sand. Delightful! A server immediately came to our table to announce that the apéritif included with the BBQ menu was a Planteur’s punch. Steve, Cathy and John really enjoyed it. I ordered my usual coupe de Champagne, then asked for the scoop on how this BBQ thing worked and was told we could start with the appetizer section offering ceviche, fresh asparagus, greens and shrimp, to name only a few. We enjoyed the variety of choices and moved on to the main course. The chef was at the BBQ area waiting to grill our selection of ribs, steak, mahi mahi and langouste. He cooked them to perfection and we added our sides of scalloped potatoes and lasagna.

The chef offers us the ribs and steak; the BBQ on the right is for the mahi mahi and langouste.

Feeling very satisfied, we tried to be good, but the dessert table was too hard to resist. I hope that you get the opportunity to experience a fun, casual evening with your toes in the sand. Bon Appétit.

The pastry chef offered me a piece of his raspberry pie. I couldn’t resist.

Try the petits fours. They can’t have too many calories, can they?

It keeps getting better! The New Suites at Hotel Guanahani & Spa

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Connie and I checked out of Villa Les Embruns on Thursday and later that day we headed to the Hotel Guanahani & Spa where we had been invited to stay for our last two nights. As I mentioned to you before, our staff inspects and re-inspects the villas and hotels that we represent so that we can provide you with the best possible service and up-to-date information as possible when assisting you with finding the perfect accommodation that will suit your particular needs.

I had been trying to see the Four Star Luxe Hotel Guanahani & Spa’s new Admiral Suite and Serenity Suite ever since they were completed last December, but each time I tried, they were always booked (a very good sign as far as I was concerned). We arrived at the reception desk around 5:30 and guess what? We were going to be staying in the Admiral Suite! – What a nice surprise. I drove my car to the lower parking lot while one of the very nice members of the staff accompanied us to our suite and brought us our luggage. All that I can say is, “Wow.”

One of the many ocean views and fabulous porches at the Admiral Suite

One of the many ocean views and fabulous porches at the Admiral Suite

We entered by the main door. (There are 3 separate ways to enter the suite.) My bedroom was on the left. It featured a huge walk-in closet/dressing area, a super comfy king size bed that looks out to the wonderful porch with 2 rocking chairs, a dining table and an amazing view of Grand Cul de Sac. The bathroom is something else! It has a Jacuzzi tub and a big picture window that also looks out to the lagoon. There’s a separate shower and a double sink vanity.

My Bedroom in the Admiral Suite

My Bedroom in the Admiral Suite


The Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom

Connie’s room offered an en suite bedroom with an option of having either a king size bed or 2 twin beds. She had her own desk for her laptop as well as a porch with rocking chairs and a completely different view of another area of Grand Cul de Sac. Each of us had access to the fabulous living room with wet bar, mini bars and an espresso machine. Another desk was available for me to use and we had free Wifi throughout the suite. (Don’t you just hate it when luxury hotels nickel-and-dime you to death by charging for Wifi?). There are sliders to 2 additional porches with more rockers and outdoor dining.

Connie's Bedroom that can be made up with a king bed

Connie's Bedroom that can be made up with a king bed

Admiral Suite Living Room

Admiral Suite Living Room

Our butler (included with Prestige Suites) came to show us how everything worked and told us that she was available until 10:00 pm every day. By the way, The Admiral Suite was named in honor of Christopher Columbus who discovered St. Barthélemy on his second voyage to the Caribbean in 1493. He named this beautiful little island after his brother Bartoloméo. It was on this second voyage that Columbus was made an Admiral.

We had dinner reservations at Bartoloméo (Bar’tô for short) the hotel’s famous gourmet restaurant. Elegantly styled, its all-white décor complements the dark wood of the lounge and bar area. Their famous chef Philippe Massaglia’s menu selection was so divine that it was difficult to choose our courses. I finally settled on two appetizers, the Goat Cheese Soufflé followed by the Lobster Ravioli. Connie began with the Lobster Ravioli then followed that with an Angus Beef with Gorgonzola Sauce and mushrooms – All that I can say is that everything was outstanding.


Goat Cheese Soufflé


Lobster Ravioli


Angus Beef with Gorgonzola Sauce and Mushrooms

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at their wonderful beach front restaurant Indigo which overlooks the pool, the beach and the lagoon. (Try lunch on the beach at Indigo’s on the Beach-yummy).


Our breakfast table at Indigo


Poached eggs on toast anyone?

Then, Carole gave us a very informative site inspection. I was finally able to see the Serenity Suite which sits on top of the hotel grounds and features two bedrooms one of which is 6 steps down from the main level and has a sunken Jacuzzi in the bathroom. A nicely furnished living room with sliders leading to the deck and private swimming pool look out to the colorful hues of the sea.

The Serenity Suite's pool and view

The Serenity Suite's pool and view

The living room at the Serenty Suite

The living room at the Serenty Suite

Master bedroom in the Serenity Suite

Master bedroom in the Serenity Suite

We continued on to see the very private Marigot Suite that is a 2 bedroom Pool Suite which is adjacent to the spa. It boasts a private spa treatment room for 2 in a garden setting and a private swimming pool in the front that looks out to a view of Marigot Bay. There’s a master bedroom (king size bed) and a second bedroom with king and/or twin beds located on either side of the living room. The best part? Four Spa treatments are offered to the suite’s lucky guests each day.

The private spa area in the Marigot Suite

The private spa area in the Marigot Suite

We finished with the 2 bedroom (king and King/twin) Pelican Suite which has a living room with convertible sofa, a deck without door dining, a Jacuzzi and a lovely view of Grand Cul de Sac…a very productive morning indeed.


The living room in the Pelican Suite

Merci beaucoup to the management and the entire staff at Hotel Guanahani & Spa for your hospitality and for welcoming us at your magnificent hotel.

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