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Wake Me Up When September Comes

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Now is the Time to Plan your St. Barth Vacation!

I hope that your summer went well and that you had time to relax a bit. Per usual I spent my summer on Cape Cod working remotely with both my US office and my St. Barth office. The bulk of my time was spent preparing and editing our new Live Your Dream® catalogue. It just went to press and I can’t wait for you to see the finished product – It is our 25th Anniversary edition! I will be unveiling it at our Annual Beachside Bash which this year is being held on November 14th at the gorgeous beachfront hotel Taïwana on beautiful Flamands Beach. I would really love to see you there. Of course the party is our treat in appreciation of you, our valued St. Barth Properties clients. Invitations will be sent out very soon, so if you have not booked your accommodation yet, now is the time to do so. Just email or better yet, pick up the phone and call 1-800-421-3396 (or +1-508-528-7727). We would be happy to chat with you about the Bash and help you plan your St. Barth trip around it.

Live Your Dream Catalogue

The 25th Anniversary Edition of Our Live Your Dream Catalogue is Being Printed in France

If those November dates don’t work for you, now that the kids are back in school and the summer is winding down, it is time to think seriously about booking your fall or winter vacation to St. Barth. While the island might be in its annual hibernation period, it is not too early to make your reservation. Right now and until December 14th, it’s Value Season; many people take advantage of the extra savings that traveling during this period of time affords them. Have a look at our Specials Page to see what villas offer even more bang for your buck. Tradewind Aviation resumes their regularly scheduled roundtrip flights directly to St. Barth from San Juan, St. Thomas and Antigua on October 18th 2013. We are at-the-ready to get those seats booked for you and coordinate the dates to coincide with your villa or hotel reservation.

St Barth

Would you rather be here or at home buttoning up your overcoat?

If you are thinking of spending the Christmas/New Year’s holidays in St. Barth, many clients have the jump on you; their villa and/or hotel stays as well as their airline and car rental reservations are securely in place. For your convenience we have a direct link to our holiday availability on-line. It is really important to reserve now while we can still offer several villa options, obtain rental cars for you and assist you with the inter-island flights.

My husband Steve and I will be back on the island fulltime by then. We really enjoy the festivities and for the second Christmas in a row, my son, Mark Smyth (the dentist) and his family will be celebrating Christmas in St. Barth with us. Just as we do, you will love taking an evening stroll along the quai to marvel at the wondrous yachts docked along Gustavia Harbor; it’s a must. And, of course window shopping soon brings you into the gorgeously decorated boutiques to have a look; eventually you end up purchasing that perfect gift for yourself and/or for someone special.

Yachts in Gustavia Harbor

A favorite before or after dinner pastime: Walking along the quai in Gustavia to marvel at the yachts

Drop into the Baz Bar after dinner and you just might catch Jimmy Buffet picking up a guitar and singing a few songs with the band that is featured there at that time. Where to dine Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? Our concierges Julia and Magda will give you the inside scoop as soon as the proposed menus are received. Would you like an in-villa massage? Do you need a babysitter? What about a day trip to Colombier Beach or a sunset cruise? We will happily set that all up for you.

Baz Bar.

Look who made an impromptu appearance while I was at the Baz Bar. You too can sing along with Jimmy.

Give us a call and Live Your Dream®

My stay at Villa Valentina and Le Select’s Marius Stakelborough’s 90th Birthday

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

I went back to St. Barth for 4 days 2 weeks ago so that I could work on our next Live Your Dream catalogue and inspect a few more villas. I just came back from another 4 day trip that I specifically planned in order to meet with some travel agents from Ireland who work in an agency that specializes in villas and have clients who want to enjoy our very unique tiny island, so I lined up a bunch of villas that we could visit together. Coincidentally St. Barth Specialist Kathy Schlitzer and our US office Concierge Julia Hurd were traveling on the same day I was (June 5). I arrived ahead of Julia and Kathy because they had opted to take the ferry in order to give you their take on the experience. We were staying at Villa Valentina in Pointe Milou. As soon as I pushed open the carved wooden door I knew we would love staying there. The rear courtyard has Balinese décor with a pagoda structure. Long settees flank the shady area and a smiling Buddha fountain that is lit at night adds a soothing touch.

St Barth Properties

St Barth Properties St Barth Concierge Magda Votava confers with our US office Concierge Julia Hurd

I entered the fully screened beautifully furnished living room and was captivated by the view of the gorgeous pool that seemed to overflow into the deep blue sea beyond. There is huge new deck with lots of sunbeds and a built-in sunken gazebo with a big table making outdoor dining a must. The villa has 4 bedrooms; I opted to stay in the Master (Hey, I arrived first, after all). It has a wonderful king bed, en suite bath with a rain shower, US Satellite TV and sliders that open to the deck and the view. When Kathy and Julia arrived, they looked at the other 3 bedrooms. One has a king sleigh bed and en suite bath and is located down a spiral staircase or can also be accessed from the lower parking area. Another king en suite bedroom is located just off of the other side of the living and dining areas while the 4th en suite bedroom is accessed from the deck and offers the option of having either a king or twin beds. All of the bedrooms offer US satellite TV. If you would like to stay in Villa Valentina, please email You will love it!

Villa Valentina view

Villa Valentina view

Villa Valentina Living Room

Villa Valentina Living Room

After unpacking, per tradition, we went to our favorite first night restaurant, Andy’s Hideaway where we had a delicious meal followed by some rhum vanille and headed down to Gustavia. Lucky us! June 5 was Marius Stakelborough’s 90th birthday and the all day party at Le Select was still going on when we arrived. The place was packed, the booze was flowing and a band was playing. I plied my way through the crowd to try to find Marius. It was pretty late (10:00 pm) so I wasn’t sure if he would still be there seeing as the party started at 11:30 am that day. I bumped into a friend of mine who brought me into the area in back of the bar and voilà there he was! 90 years old? You would never know it. He is so active and cheerful; he walks to Le Select everyday and I think that his daily sip of Le Select’s famous Ti Punch has certainly helped him stay and feel so young. In addition to the islanders, Marius has so many friends from all over the world; a whole bunch of them traveled all the way to St. Barth just to be at his party. He welcomed me with open arms and I gave him a big Happy Birthday kiss.


Kathy took this photo on Marius’ 90th birthday, June 5 2013. Check out the picture on the wall. Recognize anyone?

I had a successful four days which included a lunch at the Santa Fe restaurant with everyone. No one passed up the dessert even though we had more inspections ahead of us.

Santa Fe

Julia, Magda, Kathy, Peg, and Irish travel agents Alex, David, Linda, Niamh enjoy a Santa Fe lunch. The Langouste Club was a big hit.

Dame Blanche at the Santa Fe

Dame Blanche at the Santa Fe

Fondant au Chocolat (Warm Chocolate Cake with a runny chcoolate center) at the Santa Fe

Fondant au Chocolat (Warm Chocolate Cake with a runny chcoolate center) at the Santa Fe

L'Ananas Frais (Fresh Pineapple) at the Santa Fe

L’Ananas Frais (Fresh Pineapple) at the Santa Fe

I am back on Cape Cod but Kathy and Julia are still in St. Barth so that Kathy can finish her inspections and Julia can attend more meetings with Magda Votava our on-island Concierge as well as with all of our partners in order to enhance your experiences while you are vacationing in St. Barth. Of course she had to try some services for herself and raved about the massage and facial that she had at Venus Institut in Gustavia. Kathy has clients who are staying in Steve Martin’s Villa Au Soleil at the moment and she told me this morning that they invited them over for drinks last night and really loved seeing them as well as that exceptional view. They have already reserved the villa for next year.

I am heading out again tonight. Stayed tuned to know where it will be…

November 2013 Beachside Bash – Save the Date

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

One of our repeat guests contacted me to ask about the date of St. Barth Properties annual Beachside Bash before he finalized his villa reservation because he and his guests didn’t want to miss it. It’s official. We have set the date for our annual Beachside Bash. It will be held November 14th, 2013. So, if you have not done so already, it is time to book your villa or hotel accommodation.

Part of The SBP Team at the 2012 Beachside Bash: (L to R) Ted, Benoit, Magda. (Mai hidden) Connie, Nadine, Peg, Pascale, Kathy

Part of The SBP Team at the 2012 Beachside Bash: (L to R) Ted, Benoit, Magda. (Mai hidden) Connie, Nadine, Peg, Pascale, Kathy

For those of you who have never been to our Beachside Bash, it’s a fun evening party designed especially for you, our very special clients, our on-island partners and any of our villa owners who happen to be on-island at the time. It is hosted by St. Barth Properties and we use the occasion to launch the upcoming Season and unveil our latest Live your Dream catalogue. We’ll begin with an apéritif and hors d’œuvres followed by dinner and dancing. The ever popular Solely will be strumming his guitar as he sings to us.

Beachside Bash 2012 - Ted with Bob and Marilyn (Villa La Danse du Soleil)

Beachside Bash 2012 – Ted with Bob and Marilyn (Villa La Danse du Soleil)

This year’s Beachside Bash will be a very special one because the 2014 Season marks the 25th anniversary of when I founded St. Barth Properties and trademarked my mantra Live Your Dream®. When I first set foot on St. Barth for the very first time in 1986, I was living my dream and I hope all of you do the same.


What’s more? We are celebrating this special event at the elegant beachfront Hotel Taïwana. What a spot! It sits directly on one of St. Barth’s most gorgeous beaches – Flamands. It’s the perfect place to mingle while enjoying the ambience. We even offer valet parking!

Taïwana restaurant

Taïwana restaurant

The theme throughout the evening will be SBP’s 25th Anniversary, so if you want to wear something in silver you have plenty of time to shop for it. LOL – 7:00 PM is the start time. We can begin celebrating with une coupe de Champagne, a Planteur’s Punch or perhaps a Mojito.

I can’t wait to see you all on St. Barth and at the SBP Silver Anniversary Beachside Bash on November 14th 2013. If you want to make a reservation at one of our villas or hotels, just contact me at or one of our St. Barth Specialists at Our USA office concierge Julia Hurd will be sure to add you to our Guest List and send you an invitation. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Part of the SBP Team at the 2012 Beaujolais Nouveau: Benoit, Peg, Ted, Mai, Magda, Nadine, Kathy

Part of the SBP Team at the 2012 Beaujolais Nouveau: Benoit, Peg, Ted, Mai, Magda, Nadine, Kathy

P.S. If you can, “Stay just a little bit longer”… our annual Beaujolais Nouveau wine tasting will begin precisely at 7:01 PM on November 20th at Le Cellier du Gouverneur wine shop in Gustavia…”Oh, won’t you stay just a little bit longer? Please let me hear you say that you will” and Julia will be pleased to send you an invitation to join us for a toast. We can be our own connoisseurs and critique the new vintage. As a bonus, the 2013 St Barth Cata Cup catamaran regatta is being held Nov 18-26 and we are hoping for first place for our sponsored boat captained by aspiring 2016 Olympic contender John Casey– What a month to be on St. Barth!

New Year’s, Jimmy Buffett, Condé Summit, Café Victoire

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Bonne Année!

St. Barth was really hopping over the holiday period. The weather was fantastic.  Gustavia was bustling as usual on New Year’s Eve and the myriad of yachts both on the quai and moored off the harbor sounded their horns as the fireworks display began at the stroke of midnight.  Many of our clients had such a fantastic holiday that they have already rebooked their villa for next year.

Bonne Année!

Bonne Année!

I met some of you at our weekly cocktail party at Bonito restaurant and it was fun to see the “regulars” who come every year as well as meet first timers who have also fallen in love with St. Barth. I look forward to seeing those of you who will be here over the next few months at our cocktail party too. (Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 p.m.)  As usual Jimmy Buffett was here. I happened to be at the Baz Bar one evening when he stopped by, picked up a guitar and began singing for us!

Jimmy Buffett entertains us at the Baz Bar

Jimmy Buffett entertains us at the Baz Bar

I left the island for a few days to attend Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s Specialist Summit in Grand Cayman.  I am very fortunate and honored to have been chosen to receive the Villa Rental Specialist award for St. Barth since the award’s inception in 2006.  Director of Consumer News and Digital Community Editor Wendy Perrin carefully vets the top Travel Consultants and Villa Rental Specialists each year and the magazine hosts this conference for the winners.  It can be just as difficult to stay on The List as it is to make it in the first place so I am indeed thrilled to be on it.

Villa Specialists Marilyn Pulito St Martin, Julie Byrd Cabo, Conde Nast Editor Wendy Perrin, Peg Walsh St Barth, Gail Boisclair Paris Apartments at the Summit in Grand Cayman

Villa Specialists Marilyn Pulito St Martin, Julie Byrd Cabo, Conde Nast Editor Wendy Perrin, Peg Walsh St Barth, Gail Boisclair Paris Apartments at the Summit in Grand Cayman

I am happy to be back in St. Barth and pleased to let you know that the fabulous Café Victoire on rue Général Charles de Gaulle in Gustavia has reopened! Owner Bertrand Larregain and his chef Simon are back at the helm and they have created some wonderful dishes.  The prices are refreshingly reasonable.  We love the sidewalk café ambiance. It is so French. Do try it. Open every day but Sunday for lunch and dinner with the exception of Saturday lunch.

Café Victoire rue Général de Gaulle Gustavia

Café Victoire rue Général de Gaulle Gustavia

Carré d'agneau jus romarin (rack of lamb)

Carré d’agneau jus romarin (rack of lamb)

Risotto St. Jacques (Scallops)

Risotto St. Jacques (Scallops)

I am trying out a few new places and inspecting some new villa listings. Stay tuned…

The St. Barth Properties Beachside Bash November 10, 2012 – The Beaujolais Nouveau Tasting November 14, 2012

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

I just left beautiful St. Barth so that I can host thanksgiving dinner for my family but, lucky me,  I will return for the winter in a few weeks. The island is gearing up for The Season and is ready to welcome you whenever you decide to visit.  My US staff and I were on the island to inspect our current villas as well as visit the new ones and to do site inspections at our hotels.  I always inspect prospective listings. Some make the cut; others do not. I liked what I saw and I am sure that you will too. More on all the new stuff in my future blogs…

St Barth Properties

Our annual Beachside Bash was held at Dð Brazil on Shell Beach November 10, 2012; I loved meeting both our repeat clients as well as our new clients. I always introduce our new Live Your Dream Catalogue at our Beachside Bash so our advertising partners were also invited. Christine Gordon sang beautifully all night long and bumped it up a bit as the evening wore on and the next thing we knew we were up and dancing. You should consider hiring her if you plan on hosting a party at your villa.

Here is the link to the electronic version of our Live Your Dream® catalogue

On November 14 at precisely 7:01 pm we had our first taste of the Beaujolais Nouveau at Le Cellier du Gouverneur in Gustavia. Once again we hosted our clients who by now were good friends. The verdict? This year’s vintage is “pretty good.” I hope that you can join us for these two events next year.

Wishing you all the Happiest of Thanksgivings


St. Barth Properties’ Annual Beachside Bash set for November 10, 2012

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Join us at Dð Brazil on Shell Beach in beautiful St. Barts for drinks, dinner and music. All of our confirmed hotel and villa guests are invited.

We’ve set November 10, 2012 as the date to launch the 2012-13 season with our 4th annual beach party at Shell Beach’s Dõ Brazil. If you missed it last year, we hope you can join us this year. It promises to quite a party!

Enjoy drinks and dinner on Shell Beach

Enjoy drinks and dinner on Shell Beach

We call it the Beachside Bash and the idea came to us in 2009. That year, the iconic bar and burger shack Le Select was celebrating its 60th anniversary in early November, and its biggest fan, Jimmy Buffett, announced that he would give a free concert. Requests poured in from friends and clients who wanted to come down and join in. It was so much fun that we decided to have a pre-season party every year. And we have.

This year’s Bash will again include great food, wine and cocktails; the company of old and new friends and clients (who then become friends) and live entertainment that we hope will get everyone up dancing. The island’s favorite songstress, Christine Gordon, and the popular guitar-strumming vocalist Soley will be entertaining us!

Christine Gordon will get you to shake your booty!

Christine Gordon will get you to shake your booty!

You will love Soley!

You will love Soley!

Soley and Christine

Soley and Christine at St. Barth Properties Beachside Bash November 10, 2011

As is now our tradition, we will unveil the new issue of our Live Your Dream® publication. It’s our 17th edition and we hope you will be delighted with it.

If you are staying in St. Barts the following week, please join us at Le Cellier du Gouverneur wine shop in Gustavia on November 14 at exactly 7:01 pm where we will taste this year’s vintage of the Beaujolais Nouveau. (We are allowed to do it on Wednesday because it will be 12:01 am on Thursday in France which is the exact time that the first bottle can be opened). It will be a pleasure to see you there.

Beaujolais Nouveau

Join us for the Beaujolais Nouveau tasting
November 14, 2012 at precisely 7:01 p.m.

Actually, November is a great time to come to St. Barts. Everything is fresh and new, it’s not too crowded and Value Season pricing is in effect. The Beachside Bash and the Beaujolais Nouveau are two more reasons to come and are complimentary for our valued friends and clients.

Let it all hang out

Let it all hang out

If you have not booked your accommodation yet, please email If you are already booked, please contact Julia Hurd at to RSVP to one and/or both events.

Hurry! It’s the Fourth Annual St. Barth Summer Sessions August 04-15, 2012

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


If you have not yet been able to attend the St. Barth Summer Sessions (SBSS) there is still time to plan your summer vacation on St. Barts so that you can go to this year’s event. It promises to be sensational. Artists from different places around the globe will be performing at various venues all over the island. Be sure to attend the big concert on the quai Saturday night August 11- It’s Party Time!!


St. Barth Summer Sessions

St. Barth Summer Sessions

Berlin’s JAZZANOVA is the special invited guest this year. Their music is unique, funky and very entertaining. Last year, Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance had us all asking for more as we kept beat to their sound and the Adam Lasher Band was superb. Aberto Pra Balanço is a young artist from Sao Paulo who is certain to get us boogying. Emily Elbert, Eitch, Josh Logan, Ryan Fardy as well as Peter Barbee, a 24 year old Nashville based artist and the very talented DJ Alex Merrell will all be performing for us.

You will be able to enjoy the music at La Plage, The Christopher, Le Sereno, Bonito restaurant, Taïwana Hotel, L’Esprit, the restaurant of Jean-Claude Dufour, Hotel St Barth Isle de France, Hotel Le Village de St Jean, La Cantina, Voyageur Lounge, the Hotel Carl Gustaf, Eddy’s Restaurant and La Route des Boucaniers.
St. Barth RocksThierry de Badereau is the founder of the nonprofit organization St. Barth Rocks that organizes the St. Barth Summer Sessions. Celebrating its fourth anniversary, SBSS was also created by Thierry, the owner of Le Tom Beach Hotel and La Plage restaurant.

St. Barth Properties team and the owner of Villa Enfin are proud and pleased to have been able to donate a villa stay for some of the musicians. They are thrilled to be able to stay at this wonderful villa where they can enjoy a little R&R; they can take a dip in the pool and enjoy the panoramic views and be revitalized to entertain us each evening.

Contact or call 1-800-421-3396. Mention that you read about the event on Peg’s Blog. If you make a new reservation with dates that fall between August 4 and 15, 2012, we will make it tax free by personally paying the accommodation tax for you! That is a 5% savings.

Les Voiles de St. Barth 2012; Full Moon party at La Plage restaurant at Le Tom Beach Hotel

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

No sooner did the St. Barth Bucket Regatta complete its race week when Les Voiles de St Barth’s third annual regatta began theirs. With 65 sail boats vying for the title the island was brimming with crew, owners and spectators and happily our villas and hotels were full. While the Bucket featured yachts over 100 ft, Les Voiles de St. Barth length requirement starts at 21 feet. There were 6 classes: Maxi – boats that are over 68 feet in length; Classics – over 35 years old; Spinnaker 1 & 2 – single-hull specialized racing boats, non Spinnaker – boats racing without a spinnaker; Multi-hulls, – racing catamarans and trimarans from 30 to 60 feet in length. This year there was a new class – IRC 52.

Les Voiles de St. Barth race into Lorient Bay

Les Voiles de St. Barth race into Lorient Bay

I am lucky because I could see these sailboats as they race in an out of Lorient Bay from my villa and the sight was spectacular. The hues of the crystal clear water enhanced the contrast between the colorful spinnakers billowing in the wind and the aquamarine sea. “The Village” for Les Voiles was located on the quai and it was very classy with chairs, tables, a bar and an elevated boutique of sorts that was selling all kinds of Gaastra clothing embroidered with the 2012 logos. (To give you an idea, a polo shirt was selling for 90 euros!) There was live entertainment on the stage each evening; Saturday night was the awards ceremony followed by a big party.

As I mentioned before the Gérant (General Manager) of my island office, Benoit Meesemaecker is an outstanding sailor. He crewed on a boat that placed in the Bucket and he was also a member of the crew on “Coors Light”, a Spinnaker 1 class sailboat. I am happy to report that Coors Light won first prize in their division. Congratulations! The funny part of this story is that they also won a free stay in one of our competitor’s villas!! Way to go Benoit!

Benoit (left) receives the first place trophy in the Spinnaker One class for their sailboat, Coors Light

Benoit (left) receives the first place trophy in the Spinnaker One class for their sailboat, Coors Light

Friday evening, Steve and I went to La Plage restaurant at Le Tom Beach hotel for dinner and their full moon party. The Dress Code was “All White” and the place was packed. We were treated to some entertainment on the beach including a guy who danced with fiery batons and a woman performing pole dancing. You really should include La Plage in your “must do” list while you are here. Our concierges can make the dinner reservation for you. – Lunch is a great “to be seen” scene too.

La Plage All-White Full Moon Party April 6 2012

La Plage All-White Full Moon Party April 6, 2012

La Plage Full Moon Party April 2012

This week I am in Sao Paulo Brazil for Travelweek, a tradeshow for luxury travel agents from South America. – Back in St. Barts next week.

Mid-February 2012 St. Barts Updates SBP Weekly Cocktail Party, Carnival 2012 and Harbour’s Saladerie

Monday, February 13th, 2012

I am back in St. Barts after being in LA where I attended Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s Exchange Summit. The Top Villa Specialists and Travel Specialists convened with each other as well as the editorial staff from the magazine. Each year Editor Wendy Perrin, the Director of Consumer News and Digital Community carefully selects the winners and it is a huge honor to have been chosen as The Best for St. Barts! I have been lucky enough to have received this coveted award since Wendy started her villa Rental Specialists Awards list in 2006 that was compiled from “Wendy’s Rolodex.”


My Award Pin


I opened the Directory and was thrilled to see this photo of one of our properties Villa Avenstar!

If you are in St. Bart right now, let me know where you will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. This island is SO romantic! Many restaurants are offering special menus. Just contact our on-island concierge, Magda Votava and she will let you now what is going on and she will be happy to make the dinner reservation for you.

I hope that you will be attending our weekly cocktail party at Bonito restaurant before you go to dinner that night. I would love to see you there.

Carnival is fast approaching. Don’t forget to pack your costume for the Parade which takes place on Tuesday February 21st! Everyone dresses up. Gustavia shuts down around noon in preparation for the parade which begins in Public around 3:00 pm and continues all the way to the Wall House and then back again. The costumes, dancing and music are incredible and so entertaining.

Exceptionally, our cocktail party will be held on THURSDAY Feb 23 instead of Tuesday due to this event. See you there!

Saturday night Steve and I decided to have dinner at one of favorite restaurants, Harbour’s St. Barth. We had a lovely table overlooking the harbor and had expected to be given their regular menu. Surprise! No menu – Instead a blackboard was put in front of us that listed all sorts of completely new appetizers and main courses. We asked Thierry one of the owners of Harbour’s what was up. He told us that a new chef, Benoit Jerome is on board. Benoit has worked in 3 star Michelin restaurants all over the world before coming to St. Barts.

There were many items that tempted us. The new suggestions are more French in origin; we enjoy French cooking so all was well. We shared the Calamari appetizer which was so moist and flavorful. For my main course I chose to have another appetizer, the Eggplant Parmesan and I was not disappointed. It was yummy with a delightful cheesy sauce. Steve decided to try the Langouste Grillée. It was dressed with a really nice secret sauce that was buttery but light. We finished by sharing a scrumptious Crême Brûlée.

Give Harbour’s a try and let me know your take on it.

Harbour's blackboard menu

Harbour's blackboard menu

Eggplant Parmesan at Harbour's St. Barth

Eggplant Parmesan at Harbour's St. Barth

Julien brings Steve the Langouste for his approval

Julien brings Steve the Langouste for his approval

Langouste Grillée

Langouste Grillée

Crême Brûlée

Crême Brûlée

Where can you watch the Super Bowl in St Barts?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

If you read my last blog, you know that Steve and I went back to the New England winter for 3 days so that we could watch the AFC Championship football game. It was a real nail-biter and, for us, the outcome was just what the doctor ordered (except that Steve and I both picked up that nasty cold that is going around). The final score was the New England Patriots 23 – Baltimore Ravens 20. The score was only determined during the last few seconds of the game. In the other league, The New York Giants won the NFC Championship game. The final match between these two winners takes place at Super Bowl XLVI February 5, 2012.


Peg with son Mark at Gillette Stadium before the Pats vs Ravens game Jan 22, 2012


Game Over - Baby It's Cold Outside

Are you a Super Bowl fan? Are you going to Indianapolis to watch the Game? Are you having a Super Bowl party at home? Or are you one of the lucky ones who is vacationing here on St. Barts and enjoying the sunshine, beaches, restaurants and boutiques? You say “Yes, BUT I still want to be able to catch the Super Bowl game Sunday night.”

Have no fear Andy is here! Yes Andy is having his own tailgate party right here at the Hideaway Restaurant in St. Jean. His motto is, “Warm, Beer, Lousy Food and a View of the Car Park.” Of course that is tongue-in-cheek. The beer is ice cold; the food is great and, well, the car park view is kind of true but well-hidden so no one even notices. We all love Andy’s Hideaway. We dine there very often.

Tailgate Party at Andy's

If you are a guest of St. Barth Properties and are already on the island, call our on-island concierge Magda Votava at 0590 29 75 05 or email If you will be arrivng this week, call our US concierge Julia Hurd at + 1-508-570 4129 or email They will be happy to let Andy know that you are attending.


PS. I just received word that the Village St Jean hotel is hosting a Super Bowl party too. The lounge has a wide screen TV and is featuring a prix fixe menu at 35 euros per person.