About Peg Walsh

St. Barth Properties was founded by American Peg Walsh, an inveterate traveler who delighted in planning vacations for family and friends. She frequently vacationed in the Caribbean, visiting many of the islands over the years. In 1986 she arrived in St. Barth and it was love at first sight. One could say she never really left.

She bought a little bit of her new found paradise – a small pied-à-terre in Gustavia, listed it with a local rental company but ultimately, was disappointed in the lack of results. Quite simply she decided to market the property herself. Voila!

Many people attribute Peg’s success to a combination of her passion for St. Barth and the exceptionally high level of service she offers. Good news travels fast and soon Peg was fielding calls and requests for information from all over the world. In 1989 St. Barth Properties was officially born, representing a small group of carefully selected private villas.

Peg worked tirelessly to meet the needs (and budgets) of her growing clientele. She became an invaluable resource to a growing number of travel agents and coined and trademarked the company motto Live Your Dream®. It became the foundation of SBP’s mission statement.

Peg now lives on St. Barth for six months of the year keeping hands-on with villa owners and clients, continuing to build valuable relationships with the islands hoteliers, restaurateurs and shop owners, as well as working in real estate sales.