What Can Teenagers Do During Family Vacations in St Barth? (Part Four)

Day 5

After a late night out at Le Ti, the girls decided to sleep in. When they awakened they wanted to sit poolside and enjoy the amazing view from Villa Everest.


The view from Villa Everest


Sunset from Villa Everest and yes, we did see the Green Flash

The agenda for today was to shop, shop and then shop some more as the week was winding down. They wanted to buy a few things for themselves but mostly for their parents, friends and siblings back home.

So, off we went to Gustavia again. They window shopped and then checked out a bunch of boutiques before deciding to buy anything. After making some purchases in Gustavia, I opened a whole new world to them by taking them to the boutiques in St. Jean. The result? Success! Each shop had the just-so-perfect gift for each and every individual on their lists.


Window shopping


Which T Shirt should I buy for my brother Nate


More shopping

It was time to hurry back to the villa because it was Thursday and each Thursday from late November until the last Thursday in April, St. Barth Properties hosts a cocktail party for all of our clients who are on the island. It takes place from 6:30 to 7:30 at Bonito, the wonderful hillside restaurant that overlooks the beautiful harbor and the twinkling lights of St. Maarten in the distance. We had a great crowd that evening and enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing them rave about their accommodation, our services as well as the island itself. The guests mingled and made new friends.


SBP Weekly Cocktail Party at Bonito

Then, off to Dõ Brazil on Shell Beach for dinner. When we got there I was very surprised to learn that the waiter had given our reserved (by our concierge Magda) beach front table away! You see, a couple at the cocktail party had kept me past the normal 7:30 end time and we had dinner reservations at 7:45. We showed up at 8:00 and I was scolded for being 15 minutes late! (Never mind that there wasn’t any parking nearby due to another event in the area that also slowed us down). Who ever heard of a restaurant in St. Barth giving away a reserved table less than 15 minutes before the diners showed up? Mind you, I am not Elizabeth Taylor who always insisted on being “fashionably late” (even to her own funeral!) But giving people a little leeway is always nice. The good news is that it all worked out and we ended up with a great table. It was lovely for the four of us to be able to dine while overlooking the beach.

Dinner at Do Brazil

Dinner at Dõ Brazil


Dõ Brazil menu and sign on beach

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    We hired Easyway and their VIP service to come to our villa and take our luggage to the airport.

    Premium IV’s services are superior and almost half the price.

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