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After traveling most of the day, I usually book a table at a casual restaurant where I thoroughly enjoy taking a deep breath and letting my senses soak in the wonderful atmosphere that being back in St Barth exudes. The feeling is a head-to-toe sensation that at that special moment all is well with the world. This also works at your villa. Sit in a chaise lounge on the terrace while sipping an after dinner drink and gaze out at the stars (with no pollution in the environment) – priceless.

So, for our first evening Julie and I tried Hervé Chovet’s new restaurant Côté Port. Located on the harbor in what was once the space occupied by the very popular La Saladerie (followed by a renovated space briefly occupied by La Cuisine), Hervé opened this seaside bistro in mid July 2010.

Côté Port - Aug 2010

Côté Port - Aug 2010

Hervé’s success goes back to the days when the St Barth Beach Hotel was open and he ran the fabulous beachfront restaurant Le Rivage which was renowned for its huge salads and varied menu. Unfortunately the hotel was sold and torn down as was Le Rivage. Undaunted, Hervé moved on and opened O’Corner which was a huge success. He sold that restaurant and it is now an Italian restaurant called L’Isola. Hervé also ran the fabulous K’fé Massai until Mick Proust took over at the helm and he was also at Le Tamarin.

Herve Chovet - Côté Port

Hervé Chovet - Côté Port

Yes, the salads are just as big (and as good) as those at Le Rivage. The Rocket Salad (16 euros) with shaved parmesan, green apple and walnut oil vinaigrette is wonderful as is the Gazpacho Andalou (12 euros). The Fricassée de Gambas (shrimp) with curry sauce, crunchy vegetables and white rice (25 euros) is fabulous and the Gambas and Lobster Tagliatelles “Rivage Style” is outstanding. My iPhone camera was not cooperating that night, so next time I dine at Côté Port I will try to take some photos of the dishes that are served there. (If any of you have taken photos, would you like to share them with us?)

Côté Port Menu

Côté Port Menu

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