Bonjour from sunny St. Barth

Bonjour from sunny St. Barth! I emphasize “sunny” because we were all told that Colin would bring us a rainy day to make a soggy introduction to all of our venue visits with the bride. Well who trusts the weather forecasters anyway? Au revoir Colin! Hate to see you passed us by.

Sunny Day in St. Barth

August 5, 2010

Among other places we visited we went to Villa L’Estancia which is gorgeous and has lots of outdoor spaces for the wedding and reception.

Villa L'Estancia

Villa L'Estancia

We stopped in at Ligne St Barth to show the bride some options for favors to give to the guests.

Ligne St. Barth

Ligne St. Barth

This afternoon we are showing more options. They need lots of space for 150 guests. The designer is with us and has to visualize how he can manage a sitdown dinner for that many. So we shall see…

Oh and by the way did you know that I try to see my hairdresser whenever I am here? Marco is my man for that so Julie and I were able to squeeze in hair appointments at 5:30.

Then off to Harbour Saladerie for dinner.

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3 Responses to “Bonjour from sunny St. Barth”

  1. Jeanne Gibbons says:

    You know how I love the Saladerie. I can’t remember the name of the great appetizer we like. Steve liked it too. Something with shrimp?

  2. Peg Walsh says:

    Yes! I believe it is called Beignet de Gambas…yummy

  3. Ginny says:

    I am all subscribed to your blog … Voila!

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